Netflix is Taking Over

In today’s society, there are certain things that people desire. The first, and foremost would be convenience. That’s what microwavable dinners are for, fast food, when we want something, we want it now! With Netflix you not only have that, you’ve an array of Movie titles on a continuous basis at your fingertips to stream.

We as a society also like choice entertainment that doesn’t break the bank, and in the comfort of our own space, wherever that might be. People like myself, family, and friends prefer Netflix over the cable companies because for the most part, these are simply repeated movies, and shows that you don’t really get to choose for yourself. With Netflix, there’s no getting into your car to wait in line at the Redbox, losing or possibly damaging a DVD, or late charges for being late in returning them. Netflix can send you DVD’s through permit reply mail, However, with being able to sign up for live streaming, again much easier, this just adds to convenience level.

People all over love Netflix, and the flexibility it affords them. In any given month there are simply a staggering amount of choice options with this service that also has such Original Comedy shows like Lady dynamite, to other series such as Agents of the shield season 2, Sense 8 season 1, Now streaming. Netflix also offers Sci-fi/ fantasy, kids’ shows, horror, Romance, and foreign movies. Also steaming now is “A most wanted man” a political crime thriller starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Rachel McAdams. Other great ones streaming are Lee Daniels “The Butler” starring Forest Whitaker, and Oprah Winfrey, The movie “Cake” with Jennifer Aniston, and Anna Kendrick. There are entirely too many options to mention here.

Netflix is an American Provider that currently has between 50 to possibly upwards of 60 million very satisfied subscribers in North America, parts of Europe such as France, Finland, Denmark and Ireland, and even South America. And if this isn’t enough, well rumor has it that you can now get Netflix at any of the 6 Marriott hotels in New York. I believe you just sign into your own account, or under Marriotts during your stay. This is sure to catch on in a wide variety of hotel chains worldwide which is great!

I’d have to say the proof is in the pudding when I say Netflix is taking over.

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