How Hard is it to Make a Sequel?

It can very difficult to make a good sequel to a recent blockbuster movie. How likely is it that lightning will strike twice, not very? Creating an all new episodic event for you with already established characters can be daunting and redundant. These icons have proven themselves to be heroes in the viewer’s eyes and writers have to raise the bar even further to coerce moviegoers to part with their entertainment bucks.

The common formula for these second acts, rehashed tales often disappoint. The thrill’s gone and producers resort to trickery such as, farfetched story lines and metaphors to capture our attention. They’ve to dig deeper into the psyche and personal lives of the leading cast, which often leaves a lackluster taste on our cinematic palates. It’s very difficult to spin the same old tale time after time, this leads to CGI and over stretched scripts.

Examples of Hollywood’s greed vs. common sense include Jaws 2 and The Fly 2. Thriller movies depend on the suspense factor, keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat with haunting music, and just peeks of what’s about to come. Nothing can compare to what our imagination can conjure up, so making another movie after you’ve already exposed the plot isn’t a brilliant move. Once people have faced their fears, the movie has lost its draw.

Even comedies cannot escape the tragedy of an exhausted script, as this was true for Caddyshack 2. No one could compare to Bill Murray’s portrayal of a slightly crazed groundskeeper, whose exhaustive quest to capture the groundhog was hilarious. They added too many new characters and definitely too many comedians to the mix for this sequel. You know what they say, too many cooks ruin the stew, this couldn’t be more evident in the actors who were tripping over each other‘s lines in order to get a laugh. They should of stuck to the physical comedy of the first movie and not relied so heavily on what they obviously considered big name attractions.

The largest case of failure comes from the Rocky series, they should have left this hometown hero alone. Who doesn’t love an underdog story, apparently Hollywood, because they went onto to kill this character with Rocky II-V and Balboa and Creed. Talk about kicking a guy when he’s down, they ran over him, backed up and crushed Stallone again. From his divorce, to his defeats, and his severe beating from what was supposed to be the symbol for America, this entire franchise was a disgrace.

Making a sequel’s a daunting task to say the least. It’s way too easy to overthink and over budget a not-so original idea. Essentially, you’ve to create a whole new story-line that intertwines with the previous one. The characters have to be the same, but you can change the setting in which your movie will take place. You can now delve deeper into your characters, but the stories you weave have to adhere to the person’s moral compass.

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