High Exceptional Movies – Low Results

Hype has played a role in the development of many movies across a wide audience range. Public relations agencies are dedicated to listing out movie details for viewers to consider. Trailers and action stills get audiences pumped for an event unlike any other in select theaters. But a few notable flops have diminished returns on the few deals emerging for consumers. Low results will place a financial hardship on the team making these films. With that said, let’s take a look at these 5 movies that basically were a flop at the box office.

Movie Flop #5: Cowboys & Aliens (2011)
Early indications showed that audiences were excited about the merger of popular genres. Rarely do people see Western and Sci-Fi themes combined together. Unfortunately, box office returns were not as positive on behalf of those interested. Cowboys & Aliens had a stellar cast and an interesting plot twist to boot. But financial returns were lackluster at best, owing to a skeptical audience unsure about its value.

Movie Flop #4: Osmosis Jones (2001)
Billed as a quirky animated film, the creators put some effort in to showcasing the special effects. Trailers were joined with other popular feature films for people to view. But for some reason, Osmosis Jones did not take off when it was filmed. It did feature a tandem celebrity voice over that worked well during the initial film screenings. Its losses amounted to around $63 million when the final tabulation was calculated for audiences.

Movie Flop #3: Sahara (2005)
Despite a magnificent desert backdrop, Sahara was disappointing for film goers. The plot line seemed to be minimal and too reliant on its starring cast. An over-bloated budget was another contributing factor to its total financial failure in the theater setting. Losses were tabulated to be around $121 million when the final screening was ended. It was another setback for director Breck Eisner, but did add to the popularity of Matthew McConaughey in the starring role.

Movie Flop #2: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)
The popularity of the video game series was undeniable during the 1990s. It spurred on the release of a dramatic CGI film bearing the same name. Some fans were dedicated enough to show up for the film upon its initial run through theaters. It ran a deficit of about $125 million after box office returns were tabulated.

Movie Flop# 1: The Adventures Of Pluto Nash (2002)
Perhaps one of the more embarrassing films to be released in recent decades. Eddie Murphy returns to the big screen to take place in a Sci-Fi comedy picture. But viewers complained about the plot line and whether the film even made sense. Losses were estimated to be at around $126 million, which surprised the executives in charge. It effectively ended the career of Eddie Murphy as a leading star in films.

The moral here for movies hitting the big screen or have already done so is this: It’s important to learn from the lessons of struggling films in the box office. Simple enough right? We shall see.

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