America’ Geriatric Movie Celebs Keep Rolling Along After Age 65

As time marches on, so does interest in a whole new generation of movie celebrities. Long gone are many of the big names that adorned theater marquis’ nationwide, but all hope’s not ‘gone with the wind’, as there are still many actors and actresses considered past their prime, that’re still drawing them in at the box office. Let’s take a look at several notable movie celebrities that’re rolling along as if they haven’t missed a beat or script, for that matter!

Harrison FordAt age 72, the veteran of Star Wars, from nearly 40 years ago, along with being popular of course in the Indiana Jones movies, is appearing now in the romance saga, “Age of Adaline”, with Blake Lively, and appears in the new edition of Star Wars, “The Force Awakens”, this holiday season. Despite a harrowing plane crash earlier this year, where he sustained some serious, but non-life threatening injuries, this legendary acting icon carries on.

Meryl StreepIt’s hard to find anyone that doesn’t adore Meryl Streep. This A-list actress, at age 65, has accumulated three Academy Awards and’s universally accepted as one of the greatest actresses ever. Sincere, genuine, and a darling of the theater, Streep appears in “Suffragette, a British drama, as a feminist, which will be released this fall. Late summer will see Meryl Streep, with Mamie Gummer, her daughter, in “Ricki and the Flash”, an entertaining family drama.

Morgan FreemanYou can’t look anywhere without finding Morgan Freeman there, with his trusting soul and forceful yet subtle lead. When Morgan, age 77, isn’t seen, he is narrating numerous animated character parts. Memorable movies include, “The Shawshank Redemption”, “Driving Miss Daisy”, and “Street Smart.” Spring debuts for Freeman include; “Last Knights”, a medieval period, action thriller, co-starring in “Five Flights Up,” with Diane Keaton, and “Ted 2”, playing an attorney. Obviously, Freeman wasn’t ready for retirement at age 65.

Clint EastwoodAn American hero, to say the least, Clint Eastwood seems to defy all logic at age 85, and continues to be involved with Hollywood. With an acting career spanning back to 1954, Eastwood got his big break in the Television series, “Rawhide” in 1961, and the rest is history. Eastwood’s last appearance in a lead role was in “Trouble With the Curve”, a sports drama, in 2012. Clint has taken to directing movies and his most notable production to date include, “American Sniper”, released in November 2014 as well as “Jersey Boys”, also released in 2014.

Robert RedfordWho can ever forget Robert Redford in noted roles in, “The Sting“, “The Way We Were“, and “All the President’s Men“. It seemed back then that Redford’s name was on every movie marquis. He was a household name. Since the turn of the new millennium, Redford, age 78, has appeared in over 20 films, with a highly anticipated film due out later this summer, “A Walk in the Woods”, a comedic drama, of walking the Appalachian Trail.

Who says that you have to retire, sign up for an AARP card, and play with your grandchildren, in your golden years?

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