Will Entourage Do Well in Theaters?


Entourage is going to be hitting theaters soon and people are curious on how well it’ll do. It’s true that movies based on existing franchises often have a poor reputation. Hollywood loves them, but the audiences tend to label them as low quality and low effort productions. At the same time though, speech and action are often very different.

Ask anyone what they eat, and it’ll probably be far healthier than what will actually be on their table. Ask people how much they drink, and the same will be true. Ask what their favorite movies are, and they’ll typically go for what they feel is impressive. But the question is whether they’re actually buying tickets for those movies. Most people will probably say that they’re not impressed with the idea of an Entourage movie. But is it true?

One of the best ways of finding out is by looking at some shows from around the same period which also made it to theaters. Somewhat recently, we’ve the example of Sex and the City 2. It was panned by both critics and the general public. Many people see that as evidence that the movie was a failure. But again, what people say and what they do are often different. Despite the lack of critical appreciation, the film ranked in the top 20 most profitable films of the year.

TV shows which were turned to movies have also made recent news with Veronica Mars. The show went to the big screen after being crowd funded by fans. That in itself is highly suggestive that a passionate fan base can put a lot of money into a film. The fans were so interested in seeing the movie that they were willing to pay for just a chance of having it come to fruition. But how does this tie into Entourage?

Entourage sits in a middle ground between Sex and the City 2 and Veronica Mars. The demographics of Entourage are somewhat similar, but gender reversed. But the plot lines tend to be a bit headier, closer to Veronica Mars. To figure out whether Entourage will do well in theaters, the best metric to use is other movies which share similar characteristics. And those two shows have similar traits, and have made it into the cinematic space. Both also did quite well in terms of overall profit. Despite, in the case of Sex in the City 2, a lot of negative press. This all comes together to suggest that Entourage will do well in theaters.

In the end, It’ll probably gather a bit of negative attention beforehand, but will turn a healthy profit in spite of that fact.

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