Top 3 Cool Sci-Fi Uniforms to Wear to Work One Day

There are tons of cool and unique Sci-Fi uniforms you could wear to work. However, we narrowed them down to these Top 3.

Uniform #3: The Star Trek Starfleet Uniform

Ok, now this one is obvious to most but sort of hard as well. You see, at the heart of watching Star Trek, we see the most important part for what Starfleet represents: the liaison and commemoration of a wide range of alien species. With that said, there’s a vast array of uniforms to choose from. The one we’re selecting here, just to reach an accord on one, is the uniform that was originally seen in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. There’s just something so classic about it. It also looks stellar on anyone who wears it (Kirk, Uhura, Bones, anyone). And the way you can fold that one part down to look relaxed is really neat.

Uniform #2: The Main Character Tron with His Outfit from the Movie Tron

When you see that Tron uniform, the first thing you might be thinking is, “wow, that’s really tight. That could be very well be snug or highly embarrassing (or an appealing combination of the two). However, it does glow. There’s a helmet you have to wear all the time, which might seem weird in an office setting, but at least it glows. Okay, overall, it’s tight, but the uniform is awesome simply because it glows!

Uniform #1: The Stillsuit from Dune

Like the Tron outfit, the stillsuit is also a bit tight, but at least in the Dune universe, you could effortlessly incorporate clothes on top of it. It’s got that face filter part, which probably would take a little time getting used to, but we’re fine with that. What really makes this suit neat is the fact you can always hydrate yourself because of its beverage holding capability. I know, I know, we would be drinking recycled waste products, but that beats having to stop in the middle of a project at work for bathroom breaks, right?

There you have it. I’m sure you can think of more, so let us know your thoughts!

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