The Things that Make Michael Bay Films Popular

Michael Bay Directing

Michael Bay is a well-established director, writer and producer. He’s known for making action films such as The Rock, the Transformers Series, and Armageddon. Much of his success is the result of several unique things that he does in his films which we’ll cover now.

Fast Edits

Michael Bay’s films are known for having very fast edits where a single scene can have dozens of cuts where each cut only shows a couple of seconds. This has the effect of making the camera jump from position to position. The effect of these fast edits is that it makes it so a scene is moving much faster than it is, and it also makes it so that the entirety of a set can be shown.

He’s able to use very fast edits that fold perfectly into the scene, and make it so they’re not overly distracting. They also allow for more complex scenes to be filmed, and they’ve the effect of covering up small imperfections in special effects.

Popular Stories

His films are generally big budget ones that feature a large number of fight scenes, explosions, and over-the-top story lines. These popular stories have mass appeal, and they market well to the international community. The ability to market a movie to a larger audience allows for a film to secure a higher budget, which means that a film is able to have better and advanced special effects. This allows for a film to be even more popular.

Unique Social Commentary

The main characters in Michael Bay’s films are usually down on their luck heroes who’ve a specific set of skills that allow for them to save the day. This can include such things as the retired Special Forces soldier in The Rock, or the oil men in Armageddon. Each one of these characters shares the unique status of being working class people who’re able to save the day by doing what they normally do. This is different than in most action films where the working class people are those who lead a scientist to a point so they complete the plot. This unique take on action films means that the people who’re watching the film better sympathize with the main character as it represents themselves.

There are a few more things which have made Michael Bay films popular over the past 25 years, but these 3 things are what really standout the most.

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