Will There Ever Be Another Matrix Movie?



The Matrix was a movie series which defined a decade. This has been both good and bad for fans of the series. It’s been over 12 years since the last movie in the series,The Matrix Revolutions. This is long enough for many people to simply assume that the series was a product of its time. It changed how people looked at a lot of things. But many feel that the changes it brought have become so ubiquitous that a new entry would be a tough sell. Somewhat cerebral action movies are the norm these days. And bullet time has become a dated cliché. Is there room for a new Matrix film?

While some skepticism is prudent, there’s some reasons to believe that there may be a new movie on the horizon. There’s nothing solid yet, but there’s a few reasons to remain optimistic. The first is, ironically, a fake rumor from a few years ago. Out of nowhere people began to speculate that there was a new movie coming. It’s difficult to know how or why the rumor was started. But people within the industry must have noticed the amount of attention. Studios pay big money to test the interest of potential audiences. And the rumor was a free glimpse into the mind of the public. And the public was very obviously eager for more Matrix movies.

A more concrete reason to think that there’s a new Matrix movie on the horizon comes from the Latino Review. Obviously some skepticism is warranted. But they’ve a solid track record when it comes to movie predictions. They’ve reported that the Wachowski siblings have turned in early treatments and outlines to Warner Bros.

Another reason to think that another Matrix movie’s on the way has to do with Warner Bros. The studio lost the rights to Terminator, a franchise that’s ready to be rebooted. They obviously need a big franchise in order to compete with the other studios. The Marvel movies have shown that modern audiences love a serialized storytelling experience within a shared world. The Matrix was one of the earliest examples of this storytelling technique done right. Even apart from the evidence shown by Latino Review, it simply makes sense that they’d be interested in bringing the franchise back. It has name recognition, and a huge universe to tell stories within. In fact, a number of comics have shown just how open the world is to new stories.

Will there ever be a new Matrix movie? While firm evidence is still hard to come by, there’s a better than average chance that we’ll see one.

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