Making the Case for Daredevil


Nowadays, nearly every blockbuster is based on a comic book. It’s easy to forget that that wasn’t always the case. If not for Marvel and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we may have never even had that superhero movie revolution. There were some solid ones before Iron Man came out, which had been the official launch pad of the MCU, and Daredevil was one of them. Don’t get me wrong, while I was a fan, and am certainly biased due to Daredevil being my favorite superhero, the movie had big flaws.

One of the biggest issues is simply that it didn’t hold up well. At the time, there hadn’t been a dark and gritty superhero movie since Batman Returns in the early 90’s, and when Daredevil came out, fans on numerous message Mobdro boards were calling for DC to take notice because that was how you made a Batman movie. That statement has validity too. Daredevil is arguably a poor man’s Batman and the movie included many elements of Batman’s mythos like the gritty street-level vigilantism, using fear as a weapon, and creating an urban myth around himself. The issue with this thought though, is that Batman Begins came out a few years later, and that was better on every conceivable level than Daredevil.

Another flaw was that it was too short. Fox called for the movie to be stripped down to simply being an hour and a half cookie-cutter action movie. If you watch the director’s cut of the film though, there is about thirty minutes of plot that’s added that makes the movie feel far more complete than the theatrical release did.

The third major issue was the casting. I liked Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock/Daredevil, but Jennifer Garner’s Elektra and Colin Farrell’s Mobdro APK Bullseye were both horrendously miscast. Garner simply doesn’t look Greek in the slightest and doesn’t seem to possess the viciousness that the character requires. Farrell on the other hand, chose to play Bullseye as if he were a cast-off from Batman and Robin. The character was portrayed as so horrendously campy it was cringe-worthy.

I credit many of the mistakes made with the movie to the executives behind the scenes and director Mark Steven Johnson, who also did the terrible Ghost Rider movie. That said, in spite of its flaws, the movie, especially the director’s cut, captures the true essence of the character, and has genuinely good action scenes as well as good elements of romantic comedy. Sure, it’s choppy and cheesy at times, and it looks like the new Daredevil Netflix series will rectify these mistakes and be truly awesome, but the Daredevil film was solid, especially for its time, and may be worth watching again.

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