‘Night of the Living Dead’ Custom Silkscreen Print

Today I came across this incredible silkscreen design for Night of the Living Dead. This print was created by the exceptionally talented Grzegorz Domaradzki, and it’s available for sale here. It’s a limited edition print run, and each 24×36″ print is hand-numbered.

Here’s what Domaradzki has to say about his art:

“My work often tends to veer towards darker themes, so when I was presented with the chance to pay tribute to Romero’s classic, I jumped at the opportunity. Conceptually, I wanted to do something different, something that wouldn’t be obviously apparent upon first glance. I arranged the composition in a way that the characters worked together to create the shape of a skull, the symbol of death. It took time to get just right, but in the end the result is just as I had visualized.”

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