“FAN”tastic – New “SUPER 8” Movie Poster –Real Deal or Elaborate Ruse?

This morning movie and entertainment websites were ablaze with kudos and praise for the release online of the latest (and last?) movie poster for the new film “Super 8”. No amounts of adjectives were spared, “Fantastic!”, “Best Poster Art of the Year”, “Incredibly Awesome!”, “Brilliant”, “Stunning!” You get my drift.

The blogosphere was gushing in their praise. There was early speculation the poster had been designed by Drew Struzan, poster artist extraordinaire. Struzan hasn’t been actively involved in movie poster design for years. That fact aside, a quick look at the movie poster would have dispelled that theory. Drew Struzan signs all his work. There is no Struzan signature on this movie poster.

Later today, some of the websites posted the movie poster was not designed by Struzan. Surprise! Surprise! Now the story was the movie poster was fan made. Where did that come from? Check out this post from www.movies.com. So now some of the bloggers who had earlier suggested the movie poster was designed by Drew Struzan were trying to you know….Cover their ass. Some sites took down their posts entirely. Maybe they know something we don’t.

Fan made? As this is written there is no official word that we can see out of Paramount denying any involvement. Why not? Their silence is deafening. Maybe Paramount decided to tear a page from Sony’s marketing handbook. Until it is official, no one knows for sure.

A closer look suggests something different. Fan made? Hold on? The first question is why would a “fan” go to so much trouble? This is an awesome movie poster. The design has all the right elements. The billing block is there. What would their motives be?

If it was fan made, why are there now three different versions for this movie poster? There is the US version, the UK one and a version in Spanish. Both the last two movie posters have the correct release dates for the film in their respective countries. Now why would a “fan” go that far?


We think it is something else. We think the design firm; BLT & Associates is involved in some way. This is pure speculation. BLT is a major design firm whose main source of revenues and work comes from Hollywood. BLT has worked with J.J. Abrams before. The firm has been credited for the designs of the movie posters which have been released so far from Paramount for “Super 8”.

It was actually the collaboration between Abrams, Paramount and BLT on “Star Trek” movie posters which suggests BLT could be responsible for this design. Check out both movie posters side by side. You tell me; don’t these two designs share a lot of similarities? The comparisons are downright scary.

So, for now the jury is out on the veracity and the source of this new design for the “Super 8” movie posters. Until there is evidence to the contrary we are presently of the opinion that these movie posters are the “Reel Deal”. If we are right, we tip our hat to Paramount et al for building some nice buzz and controversy for their new film.

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