Mildred Pierce Limited Edition Fine Art Print

The HBO miniseries adapting James M. Cain’s novel “Mildred Pierce” is drawing critical acclaim. And
rightly so, because director Todd Haynes is bringing his own unique twist to the story’s already warped psychological drama.

Let’s not forget the 1945 version, directed by Michael Curtiz, who was responsible for one of the most beloved movies in film history, “Casablanca”. “Mildred Pierce” was nominated for five Academy Awards and won Joan Crawford the Oscar for Best Actress.

Curtiz’ Mildred Pierce is very different from both the book and the miniseries, throwing in a murder, restructuring the story as a thriller, and borrowing its lighting scheme from a Rorschach drawing. But it still remains an intimate, tragic character study of a mother desperate to give her ungrateful daughter the life of a princess.

Backlot Art has issued a special limited edition art print to commemorate the original movie and the new adapted version of the film on HBO. The art print has been “adapted” or renewed” itself. The original image was found on the Italian movie poster for the film’s release in 1945. The consensus is that this original design was the best of ALL the movie posters released across the world for the original film. Backlot Art has replaced the Italian text for English and made a few other adjustments.

The image perfectly visualizes the feel of the 1945 film, the mix of melodrama and noir, of Scarlet O’Hara and Maleficent. Just look at how the soft edges, hushed pastels and suggested sexuality of the larger image both contrasts and blends with the black smear of Crawford as femme fatale. It’s both gentle and jarring, like the cover of a charred romance novel, or a wedding cake dusted with ash. A more evocative image would be hard to imagine.

There will only be 40 of these 27” x 40” redux versions available, this fantastic new fine art print is printed on 100% cotton rag paper stock. The paper is considered amongst the most luxurious available for art prints on the market today. The prints have been numbered and hand signed by the artist responsible for the redux version. This is commemorative fine art print is ideal as a gift and should be on the walls of Joan Crawford, Michael Curtiz and James M. Cain fans around the world. Buy now because they are going to sell out fast.

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