Super 8 Poster, Plus ’13 Assassins’ and ‘Fast Five’

More artwork has arrived…today in the form of a new poster for Super 8, plus a new 13 Assassins movie poster and another for Fast Five.

First up, the Super 8 poster. For some reason, the text and the landscape image are not displayed the same way. I’m not sure if the goal is to make it seem like the viewer is laying on their side on the ground, or quite what the imagery is going for.

The kids are on the horizon with their trusty Super 8 camera, and there appears to be some event happening in the sky behind the water tower. It’s the summer of 1979 in Ohio, and the kids are about to capture something alien on their camera.

While I like the minimalist poster, I’m not sure I would hang this one on my wall. I prefer the first one-sheet poster that arrived, with a minimalistic cracked lens as the only feature.

Super 8 hits theaters June 10. Check out the posters for 13 Assassins and Fast Five after the break…

13 Assassins is arriving on VOD March 25th, and in theaters April 29th, while Fast Five shares the April 29th weekend in theaters.

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