‘The Tempest’ Trailer

The adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest by Julie Taymor initially had critics buzzing about the possibilities. After all, Taymor directed Titus, Frida, and Across the Universe – earning her an Academy Award nomination along the way.

And the cast is simply stellar: Helen Mirren, Russell Brand, Alfred Molina, Djimon Hounsou, David Strathairn, Chris Cooper, Alan Cumming, Ben Whishaw, Reeve Carney, Felicity Jones and Tom Conti. Frankly that’s an ensemble lineup.

Yet, as I watched the trailer, I felt very underwhelmed. It’s not just that Prospero has become Prospera. It’s not just that the trailer proudly states that the film is full of “stupidity”. It’s the whole feeling – or lack thereof – that I had when watching the trailer.

The movie is being released December 10, with an eye towards awards season. Does this have the chops to garner an Oscar nomination?

I’ll admit I was at first skeptical of Taymor’s Across the Universe, but was blown away after watching it. Could she do the same with The Tempest?

In her big-screen adaptation of Shakespeare’s mystical thriller “The Tempest,” Academy Award-nominated Julie Taymor (”Across the Universe,” “Frida,” “Titus”) brings an original dynamic to the story by changing the gender of the sorcerer Prospero into the sorceress Prospera, portrayed by Oscar winner Helen Mirren (”The Queen”). Prospera’s journey spirals through vengeance to forgiveness as she reigns over a magical island, cares for her young daughter, Miranda, and unleashes her powers against shipwrecked enemies in this exciting, masterly mix of romance, tragicomedy and the supernatural.

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