Star Wars Travel Posters – Fan Art

I stumbled across these today and felt compelled to share them. Remember the old time travel posters that travel agencies used to use to promote exotic locales? Well artist Steve Thomas created a really cool set of posters for Star Wars in this same theme.

These aren’t yet for sale, but will be soon. Thomas says, “I decided I couldn’t wait any longer to show them. With the release of the art book Star Wars: Visions, and everyone else sharing their awesome Star Wars inspired art, I wanted to throw mine into the web mix.”

Enjoy the Star Wars posters here, but definitely go visit Thomas’ Zazzle page as he has plenty of other really cool stuff available! Also, be sure to check out Thomas’ web site as I’m sure it will be THE place to find out when/where you can buy these super-awesome-cool Star Wars travel posters!

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