Kickass Movie Posters of the Day

We love movie posters here at Movie Poster Shop – obviously, as it’s our business! But we get tired of seeing boring designs being churned out by studios who just want a “floating head” of their star in peoples’ faces. It’s lame, it’s uninspiring, and it does not make for good artwork.

Fortunately there are some super creative people out there in the world, and they don’t all work for big poster design houses.

Take Simon Page. I’ve never heard his name before, but he’s created a couple of very cool illusion posters for some Spider-man and Batman. This is good design work!

They’re available for sale over on his site, so if you’re a fan – go buy one and support creativity!

First: Batman & Penquin

Batman & Penguin

Next: Spider-man & Green Goblin

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