The Last Exorcism Viral Video on Chatroulette

Movie marketing is one of those things that usually follows a pretty straightforward path. First come teaser trailers, then a poster or two, then the full theatrical trailer, maybe another poster and plenty of interviews with the stars of the film.

Lionsgate is taking a different approach with it’s marketing of The Last Exorcism. They put a very creepy video on Chatroulette and filmed the reactions. Suffice to say they are pretty hilarious if you know what to expect.

Chatrouletter’s are teased by a cute girl who seems like she’s about to remove her shirt. Simply put, that is not what happens.

The message here is clear: The Last Exorcism is terrifying. The movie posters are creepy, the trailers are eerie and this new attempt at viral video is very clever. Watch and enjoy.

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