The Goon Movie Poster + More!

The first full one-sheet for the upcoming animated film The Goon has hit the internet over at IMPAwards. I’m personally very excited to see what this movie turns out to be. The trailer looks great, and I think Paul Giamatti is a great choice for the voice of Frankie. Seriously, if you haven’t watched the trailer yet, go check it out here.

Also released this week is a international-version TRON: Legacy movie poster. In this one we get a great look at Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) and more cool TRON imagery. I realize the first film was more of a cult classic than a widely seen and accepted film. That being said, I thought the first movie was great and am eagerly awaiting the December 17 release date.

We’ve also got the movie poster for the latest in the ‘Fockers’ saga: Little Fockers. I really wish they would stop making these movies. Meet the Parents was a hilarious film. Meet the Fockers was so-so. Now we’ve got this garbage. How many ways can they do this play-on-words-homophone crap? Seriously, Robert De Niro is better than this. This guy was Raging Bull. He was a Corleone. Hell, he was Ace Rothstein. The man has two Oscars under his belt and he’s taking roles in movies like Little Fockers?! It just doesn’t seem right. But I digress…

Next up is a one-sheet for a documentary by Casey Aflleck called I’m Still Here. It’s about his friend Joaquin Phoenix and the transition Phoenix made from acting into a rapping career. Seriously – Phoenix may still be around, but does anyone care at this point? The guy had some real acting chops but walked away from it all to pursue a career in rapping? There’s one white rapper/group per generation allowed, and Phoenix is not Eminem.

Remember Walk the Line? Or Gladiator? Phoenix was brilliant in his roles. He landed in some terrible films (The Village, Ladder 49) but he was still a very talented actor. I haven’t seen the documentary yet, so I really shouldn’t comment too much, but I am really struggling to understand the necessity of this film.

Last we’ve got the second movie poster for Devil. I’m pleased to see the marketing department behind this one is starting to taper off the usage of M. Night Shyamalan‘s name. It’s not a selling point anymore. Seeing his name associated with a movie these days will more than likely turn audiences off than pique their interest. In fact, there is was a hilarious video on YouTube of an audience reaction to seeing Shyamalan’s name on the Devil trailer, but NBC Universal has pulled it.