Terrifying New ‘Last Exorcism’ Poster

Movie posters are a marketing piece, designed to elicit an emotional response from the viewer. For example, when I look at this latest The Last Exorcism movie poster, I find it very disturbing and terrifying – no doubt what’s expected for a horror film.

In contrast, and perhaps it’s because I’m a guy, I feel nothing when looking at Julia Roberts in this Eat, Pray, Love poster. Except, maybe, that I want some frozen yogurt.

So with Lionsgate’s newest horror film set to hit theaters August 27, I’m sure the marketing guys behind the poster would be pleased to learn that their efforts are working. The poster is terrifying, and whether I’ll end up buying a movie ticket or not, it has raised my awareness of the film.

In brief, the movie is about about a priest/exorcist (Patrick Fabian) who’s spent his life taking advantage of true believers. Tortured by a lifetime of deceit, he decides to let a documentary film crew follow him for one final exorcism, during which he plans to confess. Of course, it doesn’t go as planned…

What do you think? Is the poster just cheesy or do you find it a little creepy?

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