Piranha 3D Review: Awesome, Hilarious, Ridiculous

To be brief and to the point: if you’re a guy and you enjoy ridiculous, over-the-top action, wanton nudity and plenty of gore; go see Piranha 3D. It’s that simple.

Director Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes) has captured a little bit of cinematic gold with this movie. It aims to be so intentionally a bad B-movie that it’s really quite good.

To begin with, there is a lot of nudity. A LOT. It’s as though you’re watching Cinemax at 2:00 AM. No complaints here, but if you’re opposed to seeing lots of topless women, you should probably skip Piranha 3D.

Next, there is a ton of blood and gore. A TON. I’m talking as gratuitous as it gets here… gallons upon gallons of the stuff – along with plenty of severed limbs and other appendages. If you’re opposed to seeing a ridiculous amout of gore, you should probably skip Piranha 3D.

The 3D conversion sucks. They should have left this film in 2D, buuut they wanted to mine your pockets for a couple of extra dollars. Truth be told, thanks to a (growing) strong word of mouth, this film might actually stand to make some real money if it hadn’t gone the 3D route. The layers feel off in scenes of the film, and it just simply doesn’t add anything to the experience.

As far as the acting goes – surprisingly top notch. No one in this film believes it’s something it’s not. Yet they’re convincing enough to suck you into the threadbare storyline and hold you. Aja keeps the pace going quickly, so there’s little time for you to do anything but marvel at the excess that is Piranha 3D.

I’ve read some other reviews who give away a little to much of the film, and I don’t want to do that here. Let me just say that the cast (particularly Adam Scott, Jerry O’Connell and Christopher Lloyd) do a very convincing job and the laughter just kept coming.

Also, Kelly Brook and Riley Steele make for excellent eye candy and Aja never shies away from featuring them.

If you’re looking for a mindless, gratuitous, silly movie loaded with blood and breasts, this is the one for you.

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