Avatar: Special Edition Trailer

As you are probably already aware, Avatar is making its triumphant return to theaters on August 27. It will be a limited run and is mostly aimed at grabbing a few more 3D dollars. To entice moviegoers who have already seen the film once (or twice or more!), James Cameron added an whopping nine minutes of new footage. Yes, that was sarcasm.

I’m as big a fan as any of Avatar, but this just seems greedy to me. The film has already arrived on Blu-Ray and DVD, yet Cameron explicitly stated in an interview a while back that they feel they left 3D money on the table when they lost screens to Alice in Wonderland.

So they throw in an additional nine minutes of footage, call it Avatar: Special Edition and hope to pad the gross of the highest-grossing film of all time ($2.74 billion). This is a cheap ploy for more money. They should have had these additional nine minutes when they released the film on video.

Nevertheless, here’s the trailer for the “Special Edition” that comes out in a couple of weeks. We get a couple of glimpses at some new footage – and yes…the sex scene will be included.

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