7 Minutes in Heaven to Turn Hellish

Remember that kids game you and your friends used to play called 7 Minutes in Heaven? Yeah, I didn’t play it either…but somebody somewhere played it, right? And it always sounded so exciting!

You and another person are sent to a closet for 7 minutes of making out – basically hitting a home run if you’re a 12-year old kid. But what would happen if when you emerged from the closet, all of your friends were dead?

That’s the basic premise behind J.J. Abrams’ next project. Heat Vision reports that Abrams has been working with Jack Bender (he directed the final episode of Lost) on the project and Bender is slated to direct.

While I’m not ready to dismiss the story yet – heck, it hasn’t even been written – I see this as another sign that Hollywood is simply out of original ideas.

When was the last time you saw a film that was truly original? Inception? Nope – there are elements of Dreamscape, Brainstorm and Dark City…not to mention possibly a Scrooge McDuck comic.

But that’s okay – it was a great film anyway! How about Avatar? Nope…not there either. The thematic elements from Dances with Wolves and Pocahontas have widely been pointed out, as well as a 1957 novella called Call Me Joe. It was still a wonderful movie, but not exactly original.

We have an upcoming film called Battleship which is based on the board game Battleship. Yes. I really am not making it up. The best part? It has an estimated/projected budget of $200 million! And a cast that included Rhianna and Victoria’s Secret Model Brooklyn Decker – in major roles! Sigh…

And now we have this…. a movie based on a kids’ game. Could it turn out to be a great movie like Inception? Possibly. Could it make billions like Avatar? Anything is possible. But can we call it an original movie from Hollywood? Nope.

Writers’ inspiration has to come from somewhere – I understand that. But if you travel back in time far enough, you can find original works that today’s films are based on. Are we simply out of ideas?

What do you think? What was the last movie you watched that was truly original?

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