Weekend Forecast: Eclipse, Despicable Me, Predators

There are two new wide releases hitting theaters this weekend: Predators and Despicable Me. Neither one should be much of a competition for the other, but both will have to contend with weekend number two for Twilight Eclipse.

I’m not going to even try to predict how much each will earn over the weekend – I may as well throw darts at a board. I can give ranges though, and I would guess $35-45 million for Eclipse, $25-35M for Despicable Me and $16-22M for Predators.

What I do believe confidently is that it will go in that order. While there has been a bunch of money spent on marketing Despicable Me (including a cell phone app), I just don’t see Eclipse giving up the throne just yet.

However, I expect things to shift next weekend when Christopher Nolan’s Inception hits theaters on the 16th. Eclipse and Inception aren’t exactly targeting the same audience, but Inception is the one movie this summer that critics have raved about that isn’t animated. It boasts one of Hollywood’s top draws in Leonard DiCaprio, and director Christopher Nolan brings in a fan base of his own.

So there you have it – my weekend prediction. First Eclipse, then Despicable Me and then Predators.

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