‘The Untamed’ Being Shopped At Comic-Con

I love Comic-Con. Not because I’m a comic fan, or even because I’m a fan of movies that spring from comics (although sometimes they’re pretty good, like Iron Man 1,2). I love Comic-Con because there is simply so much going on and so many stories and news events.

Over on Deadline I just read that the producer of Watchmen, Lloyd Levin, is shopping around a script for a live action film based on The Untamed. I hadn’t heard of it either, but it’s a dark fantasy comic that tells the tale of revenge and redemption. Sebastian A. Jones created the comic series about a man who is released from hell and given just seven days to hunt down those responsible for the deaths of his family members. So he’s out for revenge. Straight from hell. To reap seven souls who belong in hell with him. My interest in piqued!

Andrew Cosby is currently slated to direct, although he has no actual directorial experience. He’s been writing for the science fiction show Eureka for the past four years, so at least his head is in the right place. According to Levin, Ken Locsmandi is attached as the visual effects supervisor. Normally I couldn’t care less about a fact like that, except Locsmandi was the guy involved with The Matrix and Fight Club. This could turn out awesome.

Levin is expecting a modest budget for the film, although he’s still in the trying-to-find-a-buyer phase. It’s certainly a dark tale but one I’d like to eventually see. Levin said the story has a harder edge than typical fantasy films, and the main character certainly is a prime example:

“He’s killed a lot of people himself, but he not only gets the chance to unravel the mystery of who killed his family and get revenge, but there is a story of redemption here as well,” Levin said.

Embedded is the animated intro to the comic series. Keep in mind that Levin is shopping the script for a live-action version, but this might at least give your mind a place to start visually.

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