The Latest ‘Machete’ Lobby Cards

A number of lobby cards for Machete were scattered around the web today as Fox begins to ramp up the marketing for the bloody film. If you’re not familiar with the latest from Robert Rodriguez, a spoof trailer of the film appeared before Grindhouse back in 2007. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and someone thought it would be a good idea to turn the story into a feature film.

Since they we’ve seen another trailer appear (around Memorial Day) and a few other posters and images. Teaser Trailer collected some of the images from around the web today, and now we’re presenting them to you. Check them out, plus the trailer after the break.

Honestly this movie is filled with so much potential badassery, I’m not sure they can pull it off. They’ve got Danny Trejo starring, and well…Danny Trejo is one serious B.A.M.F. Then there’s Michelle Rodriguez, in yet another role where she looks both sexy and like she could kick my ass. Jessica Alba adds to the incredible ass-kicking eye candy, as does about-to-go-to-jail Lindsay Lohan. Robert De Niro plays a anti-immigration US Senator, and Steven Seagal plays….Steven Seagal.

Also on board are Cheech Marin, in a role reminiscent of Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and Nash Brides…er, Don Johnson. Oh, and Rose McGowan reprises her role as Cherry Darling from Grindhouse. Are you stoked yet?!

Look for the movie in theaters September 3. Until then, enjoy the trailer!

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