The Best Advertising for ‘The Expendables’ is Fan Made

Guys – on August 13th we have a mission. On August 13th we must report to the movie theaters in overwhelming support of The Expendables, lest Julia Roberts’ light-hearted self-discovery tale Eat, Pray, Love takes the top box office slot.

At least, that’s what this fan-made trailer will have you think. In light of the overwhelming success of movies that pander to teenage girls (Twilight Eclipse etc.), The Monocular Group cut a new trailer for The Expendables. They called it their Call to Arms trailer. Honestly, it’s pretty fricking cool.

Check it out after the break.

I couldn’t help but grin while watching this. I had already planned on hitting the theaters for this one, but this is a great call to action for lovers of pure “guy movies”.

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