The 50 Best Film Noir Movie Posters Ever!

Over on our main website our team created a list of the 50 Best Film Noir Movie Posters Ever. Or, at least, what we felt are the best. There’s no denying that the film noir genre is one of the most respected in all of Hollywood history and we could probably debate a “best of” list for hours!

Spanning from the early 1940s through the late 50s, the film noir genre is home to some very celebrated films. Movies like Double Indemnity and Maltese Falcon highlight a list of brilliant and beautiful movies – and most importantly, their respective movie posters.

Tying together drama, sex, femme fatales, violence and intrigue, some of the movie posters created during this period are absolutely beautiful works of art. Head over to our feature piece and view the 50 Best Film Noir Movie Posters Ever!

While you’re there, check out the Scenes Noir matching game we set up. We created a custom collage with pieces of the film noir posters and stitched them together, creating a unique collage. You’ll have a chance to match the piece of the poster to the actual title of the movie (not always so simple!) and if you can land a perfect score, you’ll be in the running for a $250 Movie Poster Shop gift certificate and a custom canvas with with Scenes Noir image on it.

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