Leave Your Cell Phone On for Despicable Me

I can’t imagine this will be anything short of a disaster of Justin Bieber ringtones and irritating glowing screens, but Universal Studios has partnered with Best Buy to endorse cell phone usage during screenings of Despicable Me. Joy.

According to a recent press release, Best Buy is promoting a free smart phone application that users will run during the showing of the animated film. Why? To torture the parents who were kind enough to take their kids to the movie? Well, yes… but there’s a practical application too: to translate what the hell those little yellow minions are saying during the films credits.

Fortunately the app is designed to be used during the CLOSING credits of the film, but how many young audience members will just be that much more likely to leave their phones on during the show? Best Buy has a website devoted to this “Movie Mode” app, along with a short promo video (embedded below).

Now assuming you’re thinking about going to this movie, you’re probably already accepting that you’ll have to navigate the swarms of youngsters in the theater. I made the mistake of going to an early-evening screening of Toy Story 3 a couple of weeks ago and had to deal with the same thing. Thankfully during Buzz’s last dance I wasn’t inundated by the combined light of iPhone screens lighting up as the audience powered up their Movie Mode app. If this trend continues, I might become a $1 theater, late night showing film goer!

Despicable Me stars Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand and Miranda Cosgrove and hits theaters this weekend.

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