Javier Bardem in ‘Biutiful’ Trailer

I guess the trailers are still coming today! Empire just debuted the trailer for Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s latest film Biutiful. If Inarritu’s name doesn’t just leap off the page at you, his body of work might: Babel and 21 Grams.

Inarritu has an uncanny ability to drive a lot of deep emotion into his films, and with Javier Bardem starring in Biutiful, I suspect we’ll see an amazing film. Bardem’s character is involved in illegal dealings and learns that he might be dying of cancer. Uxbal (Bardem) is a single father of two, and he’s struggling with the issues of mortality and legacy. The childrens’ mother, and former wife of Uxbal, is a drug addict and has zero ability to take care of the children. Uxbal is faced with tough questions about his childrens’ ability to survive when he dies.

This is definitely not light-hearted material…but intriguing and powerful stuff nonetheless.

There is not a specific release date set yet. Watch the trailer and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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