James Cameron Will Earn $350 Million from Avatar

Not that Avatar needed any more records associated with it, but tack one more on anyway. Deadline is reporting that James Cameron is set to personally earn a record $350 million for his part in Avatar. The film went on to gross just over $2.7 billion worldwide, and that doesn’t take into consideration the DVD/Blu-Ray sales. In fact, Cameron’s large payday is thanks mostly to those post-theater sales.

As we all saw earlier this week, movie studios are able to come up with some pretty clever accounting to ensure no one ends up sharing any profit. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix had generated $938.2 million at the box office, but the accounting office still reported a stunning $167M loss. Now granted $2.7B is a significantly larger pile of cash, but I don’t doubt Twentieth Century Fox managed to write most of that off.

Avatar has sold over 20 million DVD and Blu-Ray units worldwide. This no doubt significantly contributes to Cameron’s haul, but the exact numbers and breakdown aren’t available. Nevertheless, this $350M far exceeds the reported $97M he earned for Titanic.

Just think what you could do with $350M… Of course you have to factor in taxes, but it will still be a princely sum. I’ve always wanted a Gulfstream personal jet, and with a sticker price in the mid-$20M, I think I could afford it if I earned what Cameron does! What would you do with $350M? Travel? Charity? Live a life of luxury?

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