A Second Saw 3D Movie Poster Arrives

This being the final Saw movie and all, it doesn’t surprise me to see a bunch of marketing being crammed down our throats for Saw 3D or Saw VII – whatever you want to call it. In any case, their 3D motion movie posters are generally pretty cool, and a new one debuted over on UGO today. Somehow….and I’m not sure how…Tobin Bell (Jigsaw) is back for Saw 3D. Hopefully it’s just flashbacks like in previous movies, but if I was trying to market a recognizable character from the film series, I don’t think I’d use the guy who died four films ago. Maybe the creepy puppet?

Anyway, the movie hits theaters October 29 this year. But before you go, check out the latest 3D motion poster after the jump!

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