Twilight Eclipse Smashes Midnight Box Office!

Not that there was much doubt, but Twilight Eclipse positively demolished the box office this morning. The third installment of the vampire saga generated an estimated $30+ million during it’s midnight release. In case you’re keeping track, that tops New Moon‘s midnight release record of $26.3M.

Despite some less-than-glowing reviews from critics, fans of the Twilight Saga turned out in droves – overwhelming the 4,000+ theaters that offered screenings late into the morning. IMAX also set a new record for midnight screenings with reported totals of over $1 million across 192 theaters. That beats the record of $959,000 set by Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if Eclipse can break the opening day record set by New Moon ($72.7 million) but I think it’s probably a fair bet that it will happen. We’ll have more definite numbers as they come in, but for now, Twilight Eclipse has best New Moon in midnight releases and generated more than $30 million thus far!

Source: Deadline

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