Has David Fincher Found His Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?

David Fincher has been in the process of developing his vision for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and we’re finally getting a glimpse at who he thinks might make a good Lisabeth Salander. It’s not anyone you think might be a good fit, and it’s probably not someone you have even heard of. In fact, this woman doesn’t have any particular acting experience beyond music videos.

So who does Fincher feel would make a great actress for the tough, diminutive Salander? Find out after the jump!

Hailing from South Africa is Yo-Landi Vi$$er – part of a rap group called Die Antwoord. Despite the fact she wears a mullet, she apparently is exactly what Fincher is looking for in his Salander. Sources close to the project told Vulture that Fincher has been raving about Vi$$er and feels the way she looks and acts is exactly what he wants for the Salander role.

We already know Daniel Craig is in talks for the lead male role (Mikael Blomkvist), but thus far it has been very up in the air who get the part of the girl with the tattoo(s). Carey Mulligan has repeatedly and publicly expressed interest in the part. Though Mulligan is a very talented actress, and certainly offers the physical stature similar to what Stieg Larsson describes in his book, Fincher seems to be leaning towards someone relatively unknown.

Below is a music video from Die Antwoord to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. Say what you will about the music (to each their own), but she DOES offer up pretty good physical specifications for the part.

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