Friday Box Office Estimates

The numbers are starting to trickle in, and it looks like Toy Story 3 held on to the top slot at the box office Friday. No surprise there.

That’s not to say there aren’t some surprises in the early reports. Read more about how Grown Ups, Knight and Day, and the rest fared after the break.

What does surprise me a little is how well Grown Ups did. Deadline is reporting estimates of $14.5 million for the night -significantly higher than Knight and Day’s $6.3 mil. How can this be? By most reports, Grown Ups is not among Adam Sandler’s best (and that’s putting it lightly!).

Grown Ups is now expected to hit the $40 million mark for the weekend – far ahead of what I thought it would earn. Knight and Day is predicted to hit $27 million for its 5-day cume.

We’ll keep you update as the number continue to roll in throughout the weekend. Regardless, it looks like our prediction of Toy Story 3 beating Grown Ups + Knight and Day cumulative will probably stick.

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