Alec Baldwin Has Been The Talk of Hollywood Lately

For many years, the Baldwin family was considered something of a joke in Hollywood. However, that reputation has begun to change in more recent times, mostly due to the continued success of Alec Baldwin, the oldest and most prominent of the Baldwin brothers. Attitudes toward the family first began to change around 10 years ago after the debut of the critically acclaimed and award-winning NBC sitcom 30 Rock with many critics hailing Alec Baldwin’s role as network executive Jack Donaghy as one of the primary drivers behind the show’s immense success and popularity. Still, despite his success with 30 Rock, nothing compares to the prominence that Baldwin’s portrayal of Donald Trump on NBC’s Saturday Night Live has brought, suddenly catapulting him to become one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood.

Alec Baldwin, Donald Trump and SNL

Saturday Night Live has a long history of poking fun at U.S. Presidents and also for its comedic portrayals of Donald Trump. In fact, one has to go back to the 1988 season to find the show’s first sketch featuring Trump as portrayed by the late Phil Hartman. From that point on, three other cast members also portrayed “The Donald” in various sketches, but it wasn’t until October 2016 that the world was treated to Baldwin’s especially convincing performance as then-Presidential candidate Trump.

Baldwin’s Trump parody made its public debut on October 1, and since then, the actor has gone on to reprise the role in numerous episodes both before and after his election. While Trump himself has gone on record (tweeted) about his dislike of Baldwin’s portrayal, most other media sources have praised the SNL parody. In fact, many people have claimed that it belongs near the top with some of the show’s other famous presidential parodies, such as Dana Carvey’s role as President George H.W. Bush Sr., Darrell Hammond’s portrayal of President Bill Clinton and Will Ferrell’s role as President George W. Bush Jr.

Of course, none of these other portrayals ever drew a response from the President being parodied, which is something that definitely makes Baldwin’s role unique. Another thing that sets the Trump parody apart from the others is the fact that Alec Baldwin has never actually been a cast member on SNL, unlike all of the other aforementioned actors. Still, he has hosted the show on a record 17 separate occasions—far more than any other person.

While critical acclaim is all well and good, the fact that many people point to Baldwin’s Trump parodies as one of the major reasons behind the show’s recent ratings boost shows just how successful he has been in the role. In fact, since he began portraying Trump in late 2016, the show has seen a huge spike in its ratings, up to the point that it has been averaging its biggest audience of any time in the past 22 years.

From Strength to Strength: Baldwin’s Recent Film Successes

Following up on his portrayal of Donald Trump, Alec Baldwin has also experienced several recent film successes that have helped make him an even more sought-after name in Hollywood. One such success was with the film Paris Can Wait, which also stars Diane Lane and Nicolas Cage and was written and directed by Eleanor Coppola. Although the film has yet to make its worldwide debut, the critical acclaim it received after debuting at the 2016 Toronto Film Festival seems to be a fairly good indicator of how well it will be received once it finally does debut to a wider audience.

It seems that 2017 is also set to be a good year for Baldwin as he is set to star in at least four films. The first of the four was the animated comedy The Boss Baby, which raked in more than $229 million in only its first two weeks, while the films Blind, Downsizing and Drunk Parents are all set to premiere later in the year and will be followed up in 2018 by at least two more Baldwin films—Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad and an as-of-yet untitled Mission Impossible 8 film.

All of these factors point to the fact that Alec Baldwin’s career is really at a high point right now, which is somewhat surprising considering the numerous failures and setbacks he has experienced throughout his time in Hollywood. From his critically panned role in 2003’s awful The Cat in the Hat—which saw him nominated for the not-so-prestigious Golden Raspberry Award for the Worst Supporting Actor—Alec Baldwin has most definitely turned his career around in a huge way and is now easily one of the most talked about names in Hollywood.

What Draws You to Go See a Movie?

Ever since the inception of motion pictures, people have been enthralled with movies. It’s understandable. A movie provides a couple of hours where the viewer can just sit back and escape into it. That said, a lot of people have different tastes when it comes to what makes a good and engaging movie.

For some people, realism is one of the best traits to be found in a movie. Movies like ‘American Sniper’, the true story of war hero Chris Kyle evidences this. Then there are people on the other end of the spectrum, and they want pure fantasy, and the huge success of movies like ‘The Avengers’ and the ‘Lord of the Rings’ franchise is proof of this. Some people prefer there to be a meaningful message in the movie like in ‘Waiting for Superman’.

Then there are those that just want mindless entertainment and humor in their movies, like ‘Ted’. Each style of film making can make a particular movie unique and good in their own way. As a people, we’ve always been enthralled with storytelling, regardless of the medium, and movies provide a great platform to showcase different stories in a compelling way.

Everyone has different tastes. I myself prefer fantasy and a lack of realism. I’ve always had the mindset that if I wanted true crime or war, I’d watch the news. For me, it’s more compelling to watch Thor try and fight the Hulk in Avengers than anything I can find in real life. I like to find escapism in mine movies, and I can’t when they’re showing the horrors of the real world. Of course, not everyone thinks that way, but that’s not important. What is important, is that life can be hard, stressful, and enough to drive some people crazy. In those moments of craziness, it’s important to find parts of life where you can find that escapism.

Regardless of your personal tastes, a great movie can be a great way to leave the turmoil of the real world behind you.

Rise of Superheroes in Mainstream American Culture


Superheroes, since Superman debuted in the 40’s, have always held a special place in pop culture. Though they’ve always had their place, they’ve never had the mainstream popularity that they do now, largely due to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They’ve almost always been popular in movies, with pre-MCU movies like ‘Superman’, ‘Batman’, ‘Batman Begins’, ‘Spider-Man’, and ‘The X-Men’ were largely successful. The MCU’s model has certainly contributed to the mainstream popularity, but that’s in part because they’re great movies that really stuck to the source material. That leads me to believe that it isn’t necessarily the movies that people love, the movies simply made great characters accessible to people in a medium that without it, they wouldn’t have come across. We don’t just love the movies, we love the heroes.

Superheroes are the new mythological heroes. Ancient civilizations had characters like Hercules and Theseus. The Medieval Europeans had King Arthur and Thor. Today, we have characters like Superman, Spider-Man, and coincidentally, Thor (Thank you, Marvel). We’ve always had that fascination with larger than life heroes. They move and inspire us. Superheroes serve to inspire us to find our greatness within. A character like Spider-Man, a meek and quiet teenager as Peter Parker, but secretly a powerful hero once he puts on his costume, resonates with us because Peter can be seen as an everyman, but is secretly truly special. We all want to feel like we have that in us.

We may not be from an alien planet, like Superman, or been bitten by an irradiated spider like Peter Parker, but we want to know that we are capable of greatness. We also want to feel like there may be someone out there looking after us. They’re symbols of hope. Superman was created by two Jewish men during the rise of Nazi Germany. It was also not lost that superheroes regained popularity in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Superheroes can be that reminder that maybe all hope isn’t lost because after all, in the comics and the movies, no matter how bad things get, you know that Superman will show up right when you need him.

Why Are Some Movie Stars Not Meant To Be In Comedy Roles?

When it comes to boosting a celebrity career, many famous people will take movie roles that result in the opposite effect happening. Movie genres like comedies have understood and defined formulas that have been etched into audience psyches throughout cinematic history. Great comedies require unique, or fantastic situations, witty and well-timed comedic line delivery, and moments of physical schtick.
Celebrities crossing into comedic roles rarely match audience expectations. There are several examples of this. One would be Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder. He played a braggadocios businessman working with a ragtag group of hired military mercenaries. Each of the supporting cast members were masterful in their comedic roles, but Mr. Cruise failed to add any comedic value. The role was funny, but that was due to the over-the-top prosthetic costume, and moments when it wasn’t evident that Mr. Cruise was the actor. He added star power, but zero comic depth.
Another marginal performance in this strain is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in Central Intelligence. Though the movie was written in a classic style, The Rock’s physical presence detracted from the slapstick goal of the movie. His stature was paramount to the core of the story, but his comedic presence was forced and overblown.
Similarly, actors who are known as comedians take great risks when they perform in dramas and non-comedy films. Comedians break into the limelight through a signature brand of goofiness that becomes endearing to audiences. In short, comedians cannot easily “escape themselves” when they take serious roles. They might be able to explore the entire spectrum of comedic acting, but these skills rarely venture completely out of the tension created by comedic timing.
A perfect example of this crossover tragedy is Seth Rogan in Take This Waltz. Though Rogan is well-placed in a self-loathing role, his performance overall equates to a Jar-Jar Binx-style, comedic relief counterweight in an otherwise successful romance movie. Every time he laughs, audiences begin to think the movie is a Knocked-Up sequel.
Steve Carell is another phenomenal comedian who should stray from dramatic roles. Dry wit, cartoonish exclamations, and nerdy overtones are his gifts. Long periods of seriousness elude him. Such is his role in Foxcatcher. He was a perfect choice to pull-off the look of a disturbed, philanthropic gazillionaire, but through the entire movie he had twitchy comedian facial and speech patterns that felt as though they were about to launch into a world class spoof. Again, Carell can never completely escape his position in the acting universe as a top tier goofball, a’ la 40 Year Old Virgin.
A third example is Adam Sandler in Punch Drunk Love. This indie film required a dopey common man actor who could represent the harsh realities of an unfulfilled life. Sandler’s blank-faced stares and thin-lipped expressions were perfect for this role. When it came time for him to “do something” however, speech and actions were limited to silent confrontations and menial tasks like picking a phone receiver up, or staring at a wall. It was a beautifully-conceived movie in which almost any awkward comedian could have participated.
Some comedians however, successfully cross into non-comedy movies. This usually happens because of acting maturity, or the comedian hails from a vintage style of humor. Jim Carrey is one of these enigmas. Though he is a master of physical comedy, his emotional range allows him to take serious roles. The Number 23 is a perfect example of his versatility. This dramatic thriller uses an unusual psychological and pathological theme that requires the talents of a mature comedian who has a deep understanding of the negatives in human nature. Carrey is also debonaire-looking enough to portray a troubled average Joe.
Robin Williams had several successful non-comedy roles. These include roles in movies like What Dreams May Come, and Insomnia. Again, the transformation into a fully dramatic environment is achieved through the use of dark emotional content tip-toeing on the edge of terror. Williams was also a veteran of past generational comedic techniques, and was famous for using serious elements in his brand of comedy. Williams was a legendary anomaly in the comedic world, and his successes as a dramatic actor are true rarities.
There are far more tragedies than successes created in the cinema world when comedians accept roles as dramatic actors. They broke into the world of fame with innate signature personality traits, and those traits permeate every facet of their beings. They are nearly impossible to hide within dramatic acting structures, and audiences can always sense it.

Top 7 Most Successful Rappers Turned Movie Stars of All-Time

They started out as music sensations of the 80s, 90s and 2000’s. As they got bigger in the world of Hip-Hop and R&B, they shifted their talents to the big screen. Check out this post as we break it down for ya, the top 7 most successful rappers turned movie stars of all-time:

Rapper Turned Hollywood Star #7: LL Cool J

He was born James Todd Smith in 1968. LL Cool J was one of the most successful rappers in the late 80’s and 90’s. This was after featuring in very successful battle rap contests and mainstream music. The fact that he sold multiplatinum albums and singles justifies his inclusion in this illustrious list. While conferring the BET Lifetime “I Am Hip Hop” Award to LL, rapper Busta Rhymes regarded him as the true representation of hip-hop culture.

For example, his album Radio shipped over 1.5 million copies, Bigger and Deffer raked in 3 million copies, Walking with a Panther sold over 1 million copies, Mama Said Knock You Out was certified double platinum, and Mr. Smith managed an impressive 2 million copies.

LL is also a good actor having featured in mainstream blockbuster movies. Halloween H20Deep Blue Sea, which grossed over $250 million and won him a BEA Award; Deliver Us from EvaMindhunters; S.W.A.T.; and NCIS: Los Angeles, which won him five NAACP Image Awards, are some of his most successful movies and series.

He has over 30 IMDB acting credits to his name. His films have sold over $500 million at the box office. In a career that spans over 30 years, LL Cool J or Ladies Love Cool James has won 2 Grammy Awards, 10 NAACP Image Awards in both music and acting, and raked in 23 others nominations.

Rapper Turned Hollywood Star #6: Mos Def

Both as an artist and as an actor, Mos Def or Most Definitely symbolizes the modern entertainment culture. According to and The Source, he is one of the most phenomenal lyricists of all time.

He was born in 1973 and started his career early as a child actor and featured in the popular film God Bless the child. Following his early success in acting, Mos followed his passion of becoming a very successful actor.

He later featured in successful movies like The Woodsman, which won him a Black Reel Award for the best independent movie actor; The Italian Job; Something the Lord Made, which was nominated for Primetime Emmy, NAACP Image and Golden Globe Awards; Brown Sugar; Boondocks; Cadillac Records, among other movies.

Apart from being a phenomenal underground favorite in the hip-hop and Afrocentric world, he produced mainstream albums. Black on Both Sides and The New Danger were certified gold.

For over 30 years, Mos Def, who officially changed his name to Yasiin Bey in 2011, has been in acting and music circles. He is also a passionate activist with a focus on police brutality, racism, and discrimination in the justice system.

Rapper Turned Hollywood Star #5: Common

Rapper, songwriter and actor Common was born in 1972. Originally, he wanted Common Sense as his stage name, but a legal dispute forced him to shorten the name. This, however, did not shorten the man. He is both a successful musician and a prolific actor.

His most popular musical works include “Love of My Life,” “South Side” featuring Kanye West, and “Glory” featuring John Legend. His notable albums include Water for Chocolate, Finding Forever, and Be, which were all certified Gold by RIAA. He has also performed quite well in music sales outside the US. He is a proud winner of 3 Grammy Awards, 1 Oscar Award and 14 other wins and 33 other nominations.

On the acting front, he featured in at least two mainstream films every year from 2007 to date. They include Wanted, which grossed over $340 million; Happy Feet Two, which grossed over $150 million;Selma, which grossed over $65 million; Smoking Aces, which grossed over $57 million; and Brown Sugar, which grossed over $27 million on box office. He starred in television series Hell on Wheels from 2011-2014.

His movies have grossed over $2 billion worldwide on box office, further cementing his place in this list.

Rapper Turned Hollywood Star #4: Ice-T

This legendary actor was born in 1958. Definitely, the oldest in this list, but certainly not frail. He started acting and rapping in the early 80’s. He has been in the business for at least 35 years from writing songs to producing movie series.

His music albums Home Invasion, Murder for Hire, and Body Count have a gold certification. His musical genius was best illustrated in his song “Back on the Block.” The song won a Grammy Award for the best rap performance.

In the acting front, though most of the films are concentrated in the 90’s, he has 87 IMDB acting credits to his name. He also features in one of the longest standing TV series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit that has aired on NBC since 2000.

Ice-T has played the role of the lead detective in the series in other mini-series based on the character ‘Odafin Tutuola’. Ice has also produced several successful films and TV series including Ice & Coco and Crossed the Line.

He also featured in several video games including the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as ‘Madd Dogg’. Oh, and who can forget the recent Lemonade Not Ice T: It’s Not Surprising – GEICO television commercial.

Rapper Turned Hollywood Star: 3: Ludacris

Born Chris Bridges in 1977, Ludacris is one of the most successful rappers turned Hollywood star. From multiplatinum album and singles to box office’s blockbuster movies, Chris has done it all to eke his name in the history books.

He started his career early as a DJ and later MC. After recording his first album, Luda unlocked his musical talent to become the first Southside rapper to gain mainstream success. His albums Back for the First Time and Word of Mouf were certified triple platinum.

Luda released two back-to-back albums Chicken-n-Beer and The Red Light District, which sold over 4 million copies. On this musical front, he won over ten awards including three Grammy Awards and nine BET Awards.

On the acting arena, Chris films gross over $3.8 billion in the box office. Notable films include Universal Studios’ Fast and Furious franchise, which happens to have a massive global following. It is the first movie to gross over $1 billion outside the US. Furious 7 raked in over $1.5 billion worldwide and currently sits sixth in the box office all time worldwide highest grossing films. It also helps that Ludacris is one of the leading actors in the movie.

He also featured in successful films; No Strings Attached, which grossed over $150 million; Crash, which grossed over $90 million; and New Year’s Eve, which grossed over $140 million. Ludacris won the Screen Actors Guild Award for his outstanding performance in the movie Crash.

Rapper Turned Hollywood Star #2: Ice Cube

If there is a person who typifies his character in both music and film, then it is Ice Cube. Born 1969 in Los Angeles, he announced his musical talent with N.W.A. as a gangsta rapper. It was a time when gangsta rap was the most lucrative hip-hop sub-genre.

He gained significant success with NWA, but his breakthrough success came when he went solo. His extended play “Kill at Will” was certified platinum, The Predator was certified double platinum, Lethal Injection, and War & Peace Vol. 1 (The War Disc) were certified platinum. On this musical front, Ice Cube has 7 awards and 24 nominations in various other categories.

On Acting and producing, he starred in Sony’s 21 and 22 Jump Street, which grossed over $140 million each; Barbershop franchise; Three Kings; Ride Along; Anaconda; and xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, which grossed over $340 million.

He produced popular biopic film Straight Outa Compton, movies, Are We There Yet?, and The Rebels, among others. His box office gross over $2.2 billion as an actor and over $1 billion as a producer and director. He has 42 acting credits and 28 producer credits. He featured in 10 movies that grossed over $100 million.

His expansive career, as a pioneer gangsta rapper and a prolific actor, put him second on this list just ahead of Luda.

Rapper Turned Hollywood Star #1: Will Smith

The undisputed king in this list is Will Smith. Born 1968, he is affable, friendly, professional, and dedicated. No wonder he is this successful as an actor, rapper, producer and writer. His career started with music with a particular focus on mainstream rap.

Big Willie Style (1997) is his most successful act yet in the musical front. The album sold 9 million copies, which was an impressive haul to achieve in the late 1990s. His second album, Willennium (1999), shipped out 2 million copies. He had other albums notably Born to Reign (2002) and Lost and Found (2005). Some of his popular songs include “Men in Black,” “Summertime,” and “Getting Jiggy With It,” which get millions of airplay every year around the globe.

He has four Grammy Awards, six American Music Awards, four Teen Choice Awards, 11 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards (USA), and four NAACP Image Awards among others to his belt.

If you thought this is all, you better look at his impressive acting career. Will Smith starred in very successful films including: MIB franchise,  ConcussionThe Pursuit of Happiness, Bad Boys I and IIHitch, I am legendSuicide Squad, among others.

He has also featured in successful TV comedy series notably The Prince of Bell Air. Impressively, 19 of his movies at the box office have surpassed the $100-million-mark, 10 surpassed $300-million-mark, and six surpassed the $500-million-mark. His box office movies gross over $7.6 billion.

He has shown significant success in personal life too with two of his kids doing very well in acting and music. He has also accumulated a personal fortune of over $250 million making him one of the most successful actors of all time.

There you have it. These rappers have changed the game – both in the Hip-Hop and R&B world, and in Hollywood.

Top 6 Martial Artist Actors of All-Time

Millions of people in the world are fans and admirers of the martial arts fighting techniques. Teenagers, adults, and children gather in cinema rooms to watch their favorite martial artist actors. Also, there are numerous movie shops, where people can buy the best films acted by famous individuals in the industry.

However, just like any other acting career, martial arts have evolved significantly since the 1970s. Nowadays, Kung Fu movies and martial arts attract millions of viewers in the entire world. Skillful actors in the industry have hugely impacted the growth and popularity of martial arts in the world. Their acting is exceptional, and they have, and had been consistent for many years.

Martial Artist and Movie Star # 6: Jet Li

Born in April 1963, Jet Li is a great Chinese film producer, actor, and martial artist. He was born in Beijing, China. His real name is Li Lianjie. In his early life, Jet Li joined Wushu Academy, located in Beijing at the age of 8 years. Wushu involves different types of martial arts techniques. He had impressive achievements at the academy, and he was able to win five gold medals at his country’s championships.

One of the greatest achievements of Jet Li is that, during his teenage life, has the national coach who assisted youths and other people who had passion in martial arts and other fighting techniques. Jet Li retired from the Wushu Academy and started acting at the age of 19 years. His debut film was Shaolin Temple in 1982. His role in the movie enabled him to win several awards and gain global recognition.

After that, Li acted in numerous martial arts films like the Once Upon a Time Series and the Hero, which are notable movies with millions of viewers in the entire world. He makes massive profits by selling his films to his fans globally.

Jet Li has also acted in non-Chinese movies like the Romeo Must Die in 2008, which is a Hollywood film. After divorcing his former wife, Huang Qiuyan, Li has been married to Nina Li Chi since 1999. They have two daughters. He has his fitness program known as Wuji, which has numerous elements like the yoga and martial arts. His acting career has been successful.

Martial Artist and Movie Star # 5: Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is a famous American based film producer, actor, and martial artist. Additionally, Chuck is an experienced screenwriter. He was born in March 1994 in Oklahoma, in the United States of America. In 1958, Norris joined the United States Air Force. His role was an Air Policeman. The authorities sent him to South Korea at the Osan Air Base.

Norris had great passion in martial arts. He acquired training in “Tang Soo Do” in Korea. His determination enabled him to get black belts in the field. Additionally, he was able to introduce his fighting technique, known as Chun Kuk Do. After returning to the United States, Chuck opened his martial arts schools, where he trained several people who had the interest in knowing his great fighting style.

Chuck Norris featured in the Wrecking Crew film, which marked his acting debut. However, the movie that contributed to his stardom is the Bruce Lee’s film, Way of The Dragon. His role was a nemesis of Bruce Lee in the movie. Later, Norris starred in numerous films including the Good Guys Wear Black and the Eye for an Eye. The other famous movies that Chuck acted included the Delta Force (1986), Expendables and the Missing in Action Movie in 1984. During his career, Chuck won numerous prizes, including the Veteran of the Year Award in 2001. He has exceptional martial arts skills.

Martial Artist and Movie Star # 4: Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee remains to be a vital icon of the martial arts in the world. His efforts in the early 1970s brought a significant contribution to the martial arts cinemas in those periods, and in the modern society. Bruce Lee’s real name was Lee Jun-fan. He was born in November 1940 but later died in July 1973. Lee was a renowned filmmaker, actor, philosopher and a martial artist.

His father introduced him to acting at an early age. He featured in numerous TV series, as a child actor. He started teaching martial arts when he moved to America to get his higher education at the University of Washington when he was 18 years old. His actions led to the popularity of the Chinese martial arts in America, and the entire world.

The movies that he starred include the Way of the Dragon, Fist of Fury, The Big Boss film, the Game of Death and Enter the Dragon. All his movies were excellent, exciting and educative. Lee was an icon in Asia and European countries. He contributed hugely in showcasing the Chinese culture to the entire world. His physical fitness was amazing. His death was controversial, caused by severe headaches that led to the swelling of his brain.

Martial Artist and Movie Star # 3: Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal is an American based martial artist, actor, musician and a director. Seagal holds Russian, Serbian and American Citizenship. He was born in 1952 in Michigan, USA. Steven acquired his Karate skills from a cook in the Wagon Wheel restaurant, where he got a job at the age of 13 years, after lying about his age. Steven is popularly known because of his Aikido fighting technique, which is extremely fast and dangerous.

Due to his exceptional martial arts skills, Seagal acquired the 7th degree in Aikido. Additionally, he holds several black belts in Judo, Karate, and Kendo. In Japan, he was the first foreigner to open an Aikido Dojo. As an Aikido instructor in Los Angeles, he trained the Brazilian, Anderson Silver, who became the UFC Middleweight Champion.

Steven Seagal is known as an action hero by movie lovers in the world, due to his legendary movies like Above the Law, Hard to Kill film, Out of Justice, Marked for Death and Under Siege. Also, he is a business person who has ventured and invested in different fields. Seagal is a guitar expert, and in most of his movies, he features his songs. Steven is a close friend of Vladimir Putin, Russian President, who handed him the Russian citizenship in 2016.

Martial Artist and Movie Star # 2: Jean-Claude Van Damme

Born in October 1960, Jean-Claude Van Damme is a renowned Belgian film producer, actor, screenwriter and martial artist. Many people in the world know Jean because of his entertaining action movies. Some of his widely watched films globally include the Double Impact, Lion Heart, Sudden Death, Street Fighter, The Expendables 2 and the Kick Boxer.

At the age of 16 years old, Jean enrolled in Shotokan Karate School, owned by his father. At that school, he acquired martial arts skills and other body fitness techniques. That is the reason why his styles of fighting involve kickboxing and Shotokan karate. He has a flexible body, which enables him to perform excellent and exciting activities when acting.

Jean holds a second Dan Black Belt in Shotokan karate. Apart from starring in numerous movies, JVCD has won numerous awards in different competitions. The aspect makes him a decorated martial artist, who is also a vital icon in the industry. He is a respected martial arts instructor in the world.

Martial Artist and Movie Star # 1: Jackie Chan

The Hong Kong movie industry views Jackie Chan as a perfect successor of Bruce Lee. Although Bruce is an irreplaceable martial arts icon, Jackie has played a significant role in the field, because of his spectacular fighting techniques. He has amazing acrobatic fighting styles, which make all his movies enjoyable by the viewers.

Jackie was born in April 1954 in Hong Kong. He is an experienced martial artist, singer, producer, director of films, and a stuntman. Jackie Chan is a hardworking actor, who has been in the industry since the 1960s, appearing in more than 150 movies. He uses improvised weapons, funny techniques, and awesome timing to make his movies lively and enjoyable to all people.

Chan’s acting career commenced when he was a kid, where he featured in numerous TV series and films as a child actor in China. He acquired his martial arts techniques at the Chinese Opera School. During the early stages of Jackie’s career, he was a stuntman on the movies of Bruce Lee. Due to his proficient acting talent, he became a household name in China, Europe, and the entire world. He starred in numerous films that were popularly viewed because of the ridiculous combinations of stunts, actions, and humor. His Hollywood movies are huge hits.

The above martial artists have transformed the film industry by making it more entertaining to the viewers in the world. They are the best because unlike other actors; they possess exceptional skills that make all their movies get millions of sales. Their consistency in producing high-quality and educative movies has made them the favorites of many film lovers in the world.

The Lasting Success of Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny

Since Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny made their star debuts, they have become famous fictional characters known throughout the world.  Both of their names have become synonymous with timeless laughter, optimism and goodwill.  Mickey Mouse still represents Disney as the official mascot that began the franchise over 80 years ago.  While Bugs Bunny became the first fictional character for Warner Bros., starting the Looney Tunes franchise that is still going strong after 75 years.

Mickey Mouse made his early big screen debut in the cartoon “Plane Crazy” in 1928.  “Plane Crazy” didn’t receive the popularity that creator Walt Disney was hoping for.  But that all changed with the premier of “Steamboat Willie” making Mickey Mouse an instant success as a fictional character and Walt Disney a household name.  By the end of 1928 Disney had created his own line of Mickey Mouse merchandise.  Both Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse’s success continued to rise as more cartoons were created.  Through the years of Mickey Mouse cartoons, his animated body design has stayed the same.  Mickey Mouse was originally drawn by Disney using a series of different circle sizes.  Psychologists say that circles represent soothing shapes, which could be a hidden reason behind the success of Mickey Mouse.  But throughout the years the lovable mouse has maintained the same good nature demeanor.

Mickey Mouse plays “the little guy” with constant optimism that always conquers adversity.  A key point to Mickey’s success.  Many people that have seen Mickey Mouse can relate with his character because everyone has felt like “the little guy” who’s constantly being put down by life.  While not everyone can get through adversity with optimism like Mickey Mouse, fans can still relate and find hope because Mickey always overcomes his difficulties.  Mickey Mouse remains a successful character to this day because even through much adversity he has never hurt anyone.  And being one of the smallest animals gives audiences the satisfaction of seeing his victories as well-deserved and memorable.

Bugs Bunny began his extensive career by making his first appearance in the animated short “A Wild Hare” in 1940.  “A Wild Hare” introduced the world to a fictional character with a specific personality that takes great pride in eluding Elmer Fudd.  Since his debut, Bugs Bunny has been in over 150 cartoons, has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and was the first animated character to be featured on a postage stamp.  While Bugs Bunny appears as any ordinary carrot loving rabbit, it is his personality that has been capturing audiences for generations.  Bugs Bunny is defined and remembered for having personality packed with witty banter and a sarcastic attitude.  Chuck Jones, the producer and director of Looney Tunes credited Bugs Bunny’s success to being “character driven, rather than gag driven.”

Although Bugs Bunny’s witty personality provides laughter, the key to his fame is he is never mean-spirited.  Being the ultimate trickster, Bugs was the one always provoked by other characters.  This leaves fans feeling that Bugs is always a nice person, though he is never a push over.  Bugs Bunny uses witty humor to see himself through adversity, which makes him feel like an actual person instead of just a fictional character.  Since the phrase “What’s Up Doc?” was said, fans can’t get enough of the animated character that has stayed true to his personality.  Bugs Bunny remains today a character that plays tricks only to those that deserve it.

Both Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse created two entirely different franchises that produced animated shorts, films and merchandising that millions around the world have watched and purchased.  Generation after generation continues to watch and adore Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, both for different reasons.  While Mickey is the smallest animal that provides contagious optimism through adversities, Bugs provides comic relief through witty humor and tricks that is only given to those that deserve it.  Each fictional character through his own way leaves a lasting impression with audiences that will continue to live on through yet another generation of new fans.

Katey Sagal – Making Her Mark on TV Shows

Katey Sagal is a timeless staple in Hollywood. She’s been a leading lady in Hollywood for three decades. Best known as ditzy Peggy Bundy on “Married… with Children,” Sagal hit stardom in the early 90s. From there her star never stopped rising.

Sagal began her rise to stardom in the early 1970s as both a singer and an actress She toured as a back-up singer with famous crooners like Olivia Newton John and Bette Midler. In the 1970s Sagal had bit parts on many different television shows. She finally landed a role on a show starring Mary Tyler Moore, “Mary” to break into acting full time. After the series was canceled, she hit the jackpot landing the role of Peggy Bundy. Peg was nothing like Donna Reed or Carol Brady. She was loud, funny and brash. Sagal brought in her own bright red wig for the part bringing the wild character to life. “Married… with Children” broke the stigma of the perfect sitcom family. Peg and Al Bundy were in love, but sarcastic to one another. Sagal was nominated for a Golden Globe for the iconic role award three times.

Sagal hung up Peg’s red wig in 1997, but wasn’t stuck as the same character forever. She showed up doing guest parts on television shows before changing directions entirely. Sagal stepped into the voice of the alien spaceship captain Leela in creator Matt Groening’s newest creation “Futurama.” The animated series created a cult following and even a feature film. Even as One-eyed Leela, Sagal’s star kept shining and rising. Sagal couldn’t keep her talent away from sitcoms too long.

In 2002 she took the role of Cate Hennessy in “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter.” She starred alongside upcoming star Kaley Cuoco and another sitcom legend, John Ritter. The show was a quick hit and the world got to see Sagal as a loving mother of three children, very much unlike Peg Bundy. Tragedy took over the show when Ritter died unexpectedly of a heart attack during the second season. The show wrote the death into the season and brought in guest stars to help fans cope with the loss of Ritter. Even with Sagal’s legendary acting chops as she stepped into the main role’s spotlight, the next season couldn’t seem to keep a following without Ritter.

Sagal went on to guest star in many television shows and TV movies. “Boston Legal,” “Lost,” and “Glee” were just a few of the hit television shows Sagal lent her shining star. Then she switched directions again showing the world her true acting skills. Instead of crass Peggy or sweet Cate, Sagal stepped into the role of tough mama Gemma Teller Morrow in “Sons of Anarchy.” Sagal was known mainly for her comedic timing and her overall force as a comedienne. Now she could show the world her dramatic side. The FX show running from 2008 to 2014 had a huge following as people dove into the lives of those in the motorcycle club. Sagal won a Golden Globe in 2011 for the role proving she was a force onscreen whether it be a comedy or a drama.

Hollywood unveiled Sagal’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2014. Her hard work and portrayal of a myriad of characters paid off, but Sagal wouldn’t stop there. She is often seen as a guest on hit TV shows, namely playing Kaley Cuoco’s character’s mother on “Big Bang Theory” or playing Jake’s mother on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Next up Sagal is set to play Vivian in ABC’s television remake of “Dirty Dancing.” She also has a starring role on Judd Hirsch’s new sitcom, “Superior Donuts” playing Randy DeLuca. The show centers around local donut shop employees keeping the place up and going despite a changing neighborhood.

Sagal seems to keep getting roles and shining even brighter despite the world of Hollywood where actresses often disappear as they age. Her beauty, talent and personality bring each character to life. She’s a timeless actress in Hollywood tackling the toughest characters, the most fun characters and the most interesting characters to entertain the audience. Katey Sagal broke through the ceiling as Peg Bundy and continues to raise the bar for other actresses to follow her lead.

Movie Mistakes Are More Common Than You Might Think

Every moviegoer is well aware of how important it is to ensure that the movie(s) that they are going to watch, whether it consist of them traveling to a theater or renting a movie, has received enough positive reviews and/or ratings for them to go and see it. Unfortunately, despite some movies receiving positive reviews, it is solely up to each viewers opinion and tastes on whether they happen to like the movie(s) or not. Many of the movies that are produced and shown in theaters and/or are available for rent today have some flows that may go noticed by many viewers. However, it is important to know that mistakes that occur in movies may be a bit more common than one might think.

Due to there have been so many movies produced since the beginning of movie productions, viewers are becoming a bit more difficult to please. Movies have been a favorite past time of entertainment in which people can get together and enjoy watching something that they may have common interest about with one another. Due to the importance of needing to please viewers, movie producers often find themselves in a difficult position as they have plenty of competition. As one may be aware, there are already hundreds of movies in the several different genres that are available. Thus, making the competition that much harder as the years go by as just about every type of subject that one could make a movie about has been made. This is why movie producers are being required to incorporate much more complex subjects into their movie productions. Producers are being required to be quicker to think than their competitors as movie subjects are being covered and produced as fast as they can think of producing such a film themselves.

Some mistakes that may occur in movies are the actors may be less than proficient in what they do. Although acting is a tough job, one should not be an actor if that is not what they were truly born to do. Acting requires a specific type of talent that can be very difficult to work on unless they were given a certain kind of gift. However, some people can certainly pull off acting with hard work. It is up to the producer(s) to decide on what types of actors they will be hiring to film in their movie(s). This is also where a lot of mistakes occur. Producers often end up choosing people to act in their movies over other candidates due to wanting to save money. Although this sounds like a great idea for the purposes of one’s budget, movie goers may not be so pleased.

Many moviegoers can easily detect the mistakes that occur in the movies they view. If you are a movie producer, why not take the time that is required to ensure that your viewer base will truly enjoy the movie? One way to achieve such a goal is to eliminate as many mistakes as possible. Eliminating mistakes consists of studying your particular subject and having the actors reenact the scenes in accordance to how they would truly be in real life. This is where a producer’s talents come into play. Their abilities of putting their vision into an art form is something that is incomparable to any other producer that films their own types of film. Every producer is unique in their own way and that is what makes viewing movies such a pleasure for many people. They love to see what else could be produced in works of film as there is always something new to see and/or learn about.

Hidden Figures Exposes NASA’s Hidden Agenda Towards True Equality

Facing the outbreak of another World War in the late 1930s, there was an intense thrust to advance the United States aeronautical programs. During this period the number of employed female personnel exploded. Hidden Figures is the true portrayal of three African-American women who were blended into a predominately male staff, performing mathematical calculations by hand to relieve the burden on the engineers.

These women were a vital component to the future of the program and started to expose the hiring practices of the United States industry wide. While NASA was clearly open to crossing the once unmentioned gender and color barrier for the predominately male specialized workforce, it would take decades before a true sense of gender and racial equality would materialize.

Equal Hire, But Not Equal Pay

Hiring of qualified females actually started before NASA was formally established. Early in 1915 the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) was formed. This was the government agency responsible for all the highly-sensitive aeronautical research in the United States.

In 1935, the NACA hired five women to be part of the first computer data team. Pay equality still stirs heated debates today, but there was an even more profound disparity in the late 1930s. Women were employed as an integral part of a computer science team for pennies on the dollar compared to white males.

The original NASA motive for gender equality was for the economic benefits. Although the June 1941 executive order signed by President Franklin Roosevelt banned discrimination based on race, creed, color, or national origin, the mandate did nothing to address a profound inequality in pay. NASA, like most major industries, took advantage of the loophole.

Equality in Hiring, But Not Beyond

Although the concept of gender equality and fairness towards women in the workplace was far from becoming part of openly acceptable conversation, Hidden Figures accurately portrayed NASA’s blindness to gender. The plot stays primarily focused on Katherine Johnson, but it also follows the lives of two other important women working at NASA during this time.

Dorothy Vaughn was one of the NACA’s first female computer specialists, hired during World War II. Johnson did become the first women to hold a supervisory role at NACA, but another prominent hidden figure was Mary Jackson. With two degrees in both math and physical science, Jackson was an important, although unheralded person in the US aeronautical programs.

During her career, Vaughn was proof that while NASA hired qualified female engineers, climbing the executive ladder was an arduous task for women. Mary Jackson struggled herself in the 1950s to advance her career. She was hired in 1950 to work in the computer science division at Langley Air Force Base, and it was while she was working there that Kazimierz Czarnecki, a senior research engineer, urged Jackson to become an engineer herself. She attended classes after work and won an appeal to attend classes along with the other white students. In 1958, Jackson earned a promotion to engineer, making her the first African-American female to hold such a significant status at NASA. For most of their careers, Vaughn and Jackson were the only two women to hold such positions of importance at NASA.

The aeronautics program of the United States represented a superficial openness to unbiased hiring practices based on gender and racial equality. By limiting the inability of these women to advance their careers, it proved the agency was giving little more than lip service to the idea. It was as if NASA understood the importance of bringing the brightest minds on board, race and gender notwithstanding, but it was still governed by the entrenched ideology that America was a white male dominated society, especially in the world aeronautics.

Jackson and Vaughn clearly separated themselves from the staff of engineers, but both struggled to obtain opportunities to advance. These women were truly Hidden Figures since their contributions were vital, but clearly; NASA’s desire to promote them, or give them their rightful public acknowledgment, was not.

Although NASA brought some of the most intelligent and innovative minds into the fold for decades, they still lived under the prejudicial pretense that the show should be run by predominately white males. Hidden Figures allows us to view how NASA viewed gender and racial fairness, through the eyes of 21st century equality.