Adding More Attention To The Movie Credits

Moviegoers may have noticed a strange trend in the world of cinema lately: extended sequences starting in the opening credits and stopping in the ending credits.

In the past, many comedic movies used to throw in outtakes from the movie to give audiences something to giggle at while they walked out. Just about every Jackie Chan movie uses this idea, but newer movies are actually putting plot-points in the end credits.

For example, many comic book movies will have a “stinger” at the end of the credits of each of their movie, teasing another movie. Why’s this a new trend and what does it mean for modern movies? Is this something that’s good for fans of cinema or is it just filler that has little meaning?

Teasers In Credits Excite Fans

After the end of “Guardians Of The Galaxy,” fans stayed around through the end credits because they expected something fun or funny to happen. They got their wish, and that silly little moment of dancing ended up being the most talked about aspect of the movie.

In other movies, such as the last of the original “X-Men” trilogy, fans cheered when Magneto appeared to move a metal pawn and when it was teased that Xavier would be back, despite his rather dramatic death.

Why do fans like teasers like this? Probably because it gives them an insight into what might happen in other movies. Although the sequel to that “X-Men” movie never got made, fans talked excitedly about mutants getting their powers back and Xavier somehow being a psychic ghost. It was the biggest news of a movie that many fans didn’t like.

Helps Create Anticipation For So-So Movies

Teasers also entice fans to come to movies they might be unsure of, such as teasers for “Batman Vs. Superman” or “Suicide Squad.” Although both of those movies were ultimately very disappointing to many people, the teasers for both still inspired confidence and caused many people to go to them anyway. This leads us to the most important point…

Late Credit Moments Are Great For Filmmakers

Little teasers in film credits are great business because they invite movie fans to come out and check out movies, sometimes just for the teaser. For example, a fan of an upcoming movie may buy tickets for a movie they don’t care about in order to see that teaser.

However, it also helps fans see movies they may not have otherwise. For example, the fan in the example above might end up really enjoying the movie they went to just for the teaser. While this is still good for the industry, it also helps expand his options.

So Is This A Good Thing?

Basically, yes. It gives fans more bang-for-their-bucks and helps studios finance more movies. It’s essentially a win-win for everybody.

Based On “How Much Of” A True Story

Any movie buff should understand the different ways in which “true stories” are integrated into Hollywood movies. Sometimes, movies that claim to be “Based On A True Story” are fairly accurate to their source. Other times, they diverge so much from their inspiration that it’s not even close.

Not Actually Based On Anything

Sometimes, the phrase “Based On A True Story” means absolutely nothing. The most obvious example of this was in “Fargo.” The classic Coen Brothers film began with the infamous “Based On A True Story” phrase. However, it wasn’t. The idea was completely fictional and the brothers threw it on the front of their movie as a bit of a joke.

Unfortunately, this led to treasure hunters searching Minnesota for the money that is missing at the end of the movie. Many of them ended up dying due to exposure. Though these people might be honorary winners of the “Darwin Awards,” it just shows how powerful this phrase is in movies.

Somewhat Based On A Few True Stories

Many movies are based on multiple stories and have been condensed into one. For example, the horror movie “Wolf Creek” is said to be based on a true story. However, it appears that several of its plot points came from a few different murder cases. Movies like this often say they were “Inspired By True Events” to indicate that they aren’t precisely true.

Another example of this tactic is in the horror movie “The Strangers,” in which a family’s house is broken into by strangers as they slowly taunt and kill them. The director has admitted that the “inspiring true events” were the Manson Murders and unrelated murders in a cabin, neither of which were anything like the movie.

A Few Details Are Changed

So far, we’ve looked only at movies that had a very vague strain of truth to them. However, there are some movies that are closer to reality. Much of “The Revenant” is based on reality: in fact, what the man went through in real life is actually tougher than what happened on screen. There was also no “villain” who betrayed him, killed his son, and left him behind. These were all dramatic additions.

Englund and Zombie Should Make a Horror Movie Together

The horror world continues to lose legends at a rapid pace. Wes Craven, creator of many masterpieces, passed away. Others have exited the horror field completely, like John Carpenter, who has received more praise for his rock albums and tours than he has for any movie he’s released since 1995.

However, there are two talented and legendary horror icons who have been a absent lately: Robert Englund and Rob Zombie. These two have starred in and directed some of the best horror movies of all time. Bringing them together for a collaboration is an idea made in heaven.

Robert Englund Is A Legend

Most people likely know Robert Englund as a horror icon for “A Nightmare On Elm Street.” His portrayal of Freddy Krueger is iconic, and this role alone makes him worth remembering.

However, Englund has also made a name for himself in a variety of other movies, including “Strangeland,” “Wishmaster,” “Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer,” the infamous (and weird) “Eaten Alive,” sci-fi classics “Galaxy Of Terror” and “V,” “Zombieland,” “The Mangler,” and too many others to count.

From the freaky “Freddy Krueger” to the backwoods weirdo of “Buck” in “Eaten Alive,” and even the Phantom of the Opera, Englund has shown repeatedly that he isn’t just a b-list weirdo. He has real acting chops and really digs into a role.

Rob Zombie Is A Visual Genius

Say what you will about his remake of “Halloween,” (it has many detractors, but also quite a few fans), but Zombie knows how to create a visually stunning and frightening horror world.

His best movie, “Devil’s Rejects,” crafted a truly scummy and awful world, in which everyone is rotten and nobody can be trusted. Though his dialogue can be a little bit juvenile and the acting a bit “off,” Zombie knows how to bring real scares.

Imagine a movie where Zombie could create a really creepy backwoods world, in which Englund played a psycho who was collecting the heads of backpackers in order to hold a seance to bring Satan back to Earth.

If Zombie tamed his tendency to write scripts that’re too profane and took the time to set up an atmosphere and amazing scares, a movie like that could be a huge hit.

Could They Bring Back Elm Street?

Here’s a thought: pair Zombie with Englund for a new Elm Street movie. The original remake was disappointing to fans of the original, due to its toned-down violence and lack of Englund. With the true Freddy cackling behind the claw, and Zombie creating a gory tone, it could be a masterpiece.

However, Zombie would’ve to avoid tampering excessively in the story, the way he did with “Halloween,” as this would very likely alienate many hardcore fans.

Making The Audience Believe In An Emotional Movie Scene

Making the audience believe in an emotional movie scene is definitely not as easy as it looks. Some actors and actresses are good at it and others are well…pretty awful at it. But one thing’s for sure, the audience will always know. Anyone can imitate someone and try and act upset or scared. But how does the actor or actress make the dialogue come alive to convince the audience? The goal of the person acting is to take that character from the page and turn it into a living, feeling person with a past, present and future who the audience totally believes is a real person. You would think it wouldn’t be that hard but to truly make it believable, isn’t an easy task. They need to be trained and seasoned to really pull it off.

So how does all this magic happen? It can be quite involved and it begins with asking a lot of questions. There are a series of questions based on Stanislavski’s acting techniques that brings everything together for the actor or actress. The first question would be, “Who am I?” If you start thinking about yourself you think about your family, where you grew up, what the house was like, what the backyard looked like, your childhood friends, your first boyfriend/girlfriend, your first job, what you like and dislike, etc. So the main objective would be to learn and know the character as well as yourself. The place to start would be the script. There’ll be info about the character there, but then it’s time to do some research.

When did the story take place? Find out the history, the town. Was it a poor, rich or middle class neighborhood? The next question is, “Where am I?” Is the scene in a room, or outside? Is it cold or hot? Has the character been there before? Is the room your room or someone else’s room? The answers to these questions are very important, because each answer could influence how they’ll perform. Some of the other questions would be, “When is it?”, “Where have I just come from?”, “What do I want?” etc. All these questions need to be researched and thought out thoroughly to really bring to life a character the audience can truly believe.

Some actors and actresses use method acting which involves them tapping into their past to different experiences. This can be good and bad. It’s great if the experience is something they have dealt with in a positive way. But if it’s an unresolved issue or something that has been pushed down and not dealt with, it could be problem for the actor.

As you can see, to create and totally become a character to where the person in a film is completely and emotionally connected, it takes a lot of hard work, research, training, technique and good direction. It also requires someone who can tap into their inner self, which is something not everyone can do and the key is to make sure the audience never sees any of it.

A Spin-Off To A Spin-Off

Spin-offs are often among the most popular shows on television. However, they’re just as often laughed about and ridiculed to complete failure. What makes a spin-off popular and what makes others fail?

What Makes A Spin-Off Successful?

A good spin-off series should focus on a lovable character from the original series that everyone recognizes. It should then use a similar style of humor that attracts the same audience, but which creates its own identity.

Think of “Daria” from the late-90s MTV era. Originally a character on “Beavis And Butt Head,” “Daria” appealed to the same audience by focusing on an interesting character and using a similar sarcastic sense of humor to appeal to her original fans.

Another successful spin-off, “The Facts Of Life,” used the character of Mrs. G from “Different Strokes” to create a family-oriented comedy that could occasionally be serious. It also focused on a cast of likable characters that impacted society in a heavy way during the 80s.

When Are Spin-Offs A Failure?

There are multiple reasons that a spin-off fails. Take a look at “Joani Loves Chachi” for an example of a show that really over estimated the appeal of two characters. Most “Happy Days” fans didn’t care much for these two, and the show bombed.

“Joey” is another infamous failure that focused on the limited antics of “Friends” character Joey to support a whole series. It bombed and bombed quickly.

Sometimes, shows wait too long to do a spin-off. “The Brady Brides” was a decade-too-late spin-off that tried to take the cheesy humor that made “The Brady Bunch” popular and make it more adult. The results were a disaster.

Another common mistake is to twist the premise of the original show in directions that don’t really make a whole lot of sense.

Two of the most infamous of these was “The Golden Palace,” a spin-off of “The Golden Girls” and “Baywatch: Nights,” a “Baywatch” spin-off.

The first pulled three of the original four cast into a strange “running a hotel” plot that ruined the chemistry of the original show. The second was a bizarre crime drama that tried to make the featherweight “Baywatch” more serious. It was awful.

The world of spin-offs is sometimes very unpredictable. Shows that seem like a sure thing may fail, while weird long-shots actually succeed. The biggest lesson to take away from this is that success comes by simply creating a great show, one that appeals to a large number of people.

The Fall Film Season Has Some Eagerly-Anticipated Films

From unsung heroes to adventurous tales of espionage and intrigue, five films portent to cause a stir over the next month as they’re released. Beyond being some of the year’s most anticipated films, Oliver Stone, Clint Eastwood and Tim Burton will all be offering directorial expertise; while Ben Affleck and Tom Cruise headline several taught action thrillers that aren’t afraid to tackle politics.

Fall Movie #5: Snowden
It has been a while since Oliver Stone jumped into the director’s chair and brought us a feature film that made an impact. 2006 saw World Trade Center sweep the nation. Ten years later, Oliver Stone’s Snowden is set to open the eyes of an entirely new generation. The film is based around true events. It’s a biographical thriller steeped in politics and based on Luke Harding’s The Snowden Files and Anatoly Kucherena’s The Time of the Octopus. Joseph Gorden-Levitt of Inception fame stars as the eponymous Edward Snowden. He is joined by Zachary Quinto, Tom Wilkinson, Scott Eastwood, Timothy Olyphant, and Nicolas Cage. The plot centers around Edward Snowden leaking classified information to The Guardian in June of 2013. The information came from the National Security Agency, and the firestorm this unleashed would have international consequences; ultimately forcing Snowden to seek asylum in Russia, where he remains to this day. This film is set to open people’s eyes and shed new light on a controversial topic; it’s must-see viewing for the fall season.

Fall Movie #4: Sully
Sully is another hotly-anticipated biographical drama, this time directed and produced by Clint Eastwood. The film concerns US Flight 1549, but is more specifically centered around Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. It is based on his autobiography. Tom Hanks leads an exceptional cast that includes Aaron Eckhart, Anna Gunn, and Jerry Ferrara. This film hits theaters Friday, September 9th, 2016. The basic plot follows an incident where a flock of Canadian Geese intercepted Flight 1549 only three minutes after takeoff, crippling both of the plane’s engines. Sully was forced to land in the Hudson. The man managed to land Flight 1549 and save everybody. But after the successful landing, Sully’s life was overrun with a bevy of journalists and investigative personnel, pulling his personal life before a national microscope which ultimately threatened his reputation. Eastwood’s involvement in the film has many people excited, and initial screenings have done quite well.

Fall Movie #3: The Accountant
Ben Affleck stars in this action thriller, alongside J.K. Simmons, Jeffrey Tambor, and John Lithgow. This film is not a biography, but instead follows a man with a talent for numbers who becomes a CPA–well, that’s what the public story is, anyway. Really, Affleck’s character is using this as a cover for his work as a forensic accountant among a number of dangerous criminal organizations. This leads to Affleck’s character taking on a robotics company that designs state-of-the-art technology solutions to be one of his clients. As the truth is revealed, bodies start piling up, and the stakes jump into the millions of dollars. Set to be a taught bit of action-filled escapism, The Accountant is a film that looks as though it will leave many ready for a second viewing.

Fall Movie #2: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
The second film of the Jack Reacher Franchise, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back brings Tom Cruise back to his iconic role as the ever-resourceful Reacher. The movie is an action thriller, and shooting began in October of 2015. It takes place four years after the narrative of the first movie. Reacher is returning to his old military HQ, when he’s accused of a murder sixteen years old. What he discovers is that subterfuge intrigue stretched much more extensively than he had ever supposed. Action and mystery combine with a character whose previous novelizations have already become nationally renown.

Fall Movie #1: Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children
Tim Burton returns this Fall with a movie based on a young adult novel that was author Ransom Riggs’ debut publication. The core of this film follows a new resident of Miss Peregrine’s household, a character named Jacob Portman. The film is a dark fantasy, and that is emphasized in the way Miss Peregrine commissions Jacob to act in reference to the other children of the house. He must protect them from Wights and Hollowgasts, evil creatures of human shape, but with nothing human about them. They are led by a mysterious antagonist known only as Mr. Barron. The film stars Eva Green, Asa Butterfield, Chris O’Dowd, Terence Stamp, Samuel L. Jackson as Mr. Barron, and Dame Judi Dench. Released by 20th century fox, the movie is two hours and seven minutes in length.

Movies Whose Anticipation Is Deserved
Oliver Stone, Tim Burton and Clint Eastwood are bringing some exceptional tales to the silver screen this autumn. Meanwhile Ben Affleck and Tom Cruise star in their own action-packed adventure vehicles. By all accounts, this year’s pre-winter season is going to be one to remember. From true stories to dark fantasy, taught drama, and intense action/adventure, there’s something for everyone in the next month. This year’s releases are filled with originality and intrigue, and may be remembered as classics tomorrow.

Will Marvel’s Doctor Strange Be Successful In Theaters?

This could go either way. If you are asking by theater and Hollywood stand points if the movie would be successful, more than likely it will be due to the fact that comic book characters and comic books period are becoming very popular among pop culture. However, that doesn’t mean that the movie will be successful to fans of the original comic and fans of Dr. Strange.

To start with there have been many comic book movies made, especially by Marvel in the last couple of years, that have had outstanding box office reviews and sold out seats. This is due to a couple of factors of comic books coming back in style with pop culture and the direct need to fit in, and to the fact of original die-hard fans wanting to see the movie. This only shows that the movie can pack seats, making the movie a success by box office and Hollywood stand points, but not necessarily audience or personal standpoints.

To determine that you have to look at a few more factors. what is your main reason for wanting to see the movie? If you are going to see the movie because you are an avid Dr. Strange fan and want every detail to be perfect, recent experience with Hollywood films shows that it won’t be successful because Hollywood is going to change certain things based on either time management of the movie or to make it more intense or attention grabbing for a more general audience. If your intentions are for enjoying a comic favorite, but you know some things are not going to be right or exact, studies suggest it would still be a success given Marvel’s success rates in the last few years with movies.

With the pop culture aspects and the fact that comic movies are now trending the general audience more than likely is going to find this movie to be a hit.

To conclude, overall this movie could be a real success due to the fact that the cast has some of the best caste actors available. You have Rachel McAdams, who was in Sherlock Holmes, Benedict Timothy Carlton, who was in Sherlock, and Scott Adkins, who was in X-Men. With this caste that have already been in successful hit movies, its highly likely to be a hit. If you are one to want correctness in a Hollywood film this movie being produced by Hollywood, and how they do movies is it won’t be successful to you because there will be things added and things missing to better the movie for a broader audience. In any case, there will packed seats which will make this movie popular by box office stand points. I hope I answered the question as well as gave you some personal thoughts to consider but this question really depends on the audience and what they want.

Reboots Seem To Be The New Movie Trend

Regardless of their success or failure, reboots seem to have become the default approach by film studios for half a decade, if not longer. This article intends to look at the “How?”, the “Why?”, and the future of reboots in cinema. To clarify, there are several different ways that films can be considered a reboot:

  • The film retells the same story, possibly with changes to vocabulary, ethnicity and technologies, to adapt it from the source material to the new film’s vision.
  • The film ignores some elements from the source material but retains defining characteristics of that material.
  • The film keeps its name for brand recognition purposes but is otherwise a completely different product than what came before.

How Film Reboots Have Fared

When one looks at the top 10 domestically grossing films from the last five years, Disney’s live action “Cinderella” placed 9th in 2015, their live action take on Sleeping Beauty, “Maleficent,” placed 8th in 2014 and “Oz: The Great and Powerful” placed 10th in 2013. While Sony’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” placed 7th in 2012, no reboot placed within the top 10 of 2011.

When you expand that same list to the top 100 films and look for the poorest performing reboots, Warner Brothers’ “Arthur” took 96th place in 2011, “The Three Stooges” placed 77th in 2012, Screen Gems’ “Carrie” placed 83rd in 2013, Universal’s “Dracula Untold” did relatively well for itself as the 57th highest grossing film of 2014 and “Hitman: Agent 47” landed at 97th place.

While all of these figures sound wonderful on paper, the take-away from this information is that the most successful reboots seem to be attached to brands and IPs that have a wide-reaching audience; Spider-Man is one of the most well-known superheroes in Western culture, Disney is a media juggernaut and “The Wizard of Oz” is also an American institution of fiction. Conversely, the other mentioned films consist of horror icons, both classic and cult, comedies and the second adaptation of a video game.

Why Film Reboots Have Become So Prevalent

The most basic explanation for why reboots have filled so many spots on the box office marquee is that it is easier to market a known quantity than marketing something that is completely original to the movie-going public. Among the top 100 grossing films of 2015, 41 were reboots, sequels, or adaptations of existing media, with “Inside Out” as the sole original property among the top 10 films of 2015.

Will This Trend of Film Reboots Continue?

As of writing this article, there are more than 100 films coming down the pipe in one form or another that would qualify as a reboot. Going through as many letters of the alphabet as possible, this list of film reboots includes:

  • A live-action take on “Akira.”
  • “Blue Thunder” reworked to be about drones instead of a helicopter.
  • “Charlie’s Angels.”
  • Cinema classic “Das Boot.”
  • “Escape from New York.”
  • “Flash Gordon”
  • A live action version of “Ghost in the Shell” featuring actress Scarlett Johansson.
  • “Highlander.”
  • Stephen King’s “It.”
  • “Jumanji.”
  • “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.”
  • “Masters of the Universe.”
  • “Nosferatu.”
  • “Ocean’s 11.”
  • “Power Rangers.”
  • “Red Sonja.”
  • “Short Circuit.”
  • “Time Cop,” likely without Jean-Claude van Damme.
  • “Van Helsing.”
  • “Weird Science.”
  • “Zorro Reborn,” which is rumored to be a post-apocalyptic re-imagining.

Even with just these titles, it seems quite obvious that reboots will be in the theater for some time.

Would It Be Weird to See Stan Lee Cameo in a DC Movie?

Would it be hard for you to imagine Stan Lee delivering a package to Wayne Manor on the big screen? Stan Lee’s comments at Fan Expo 2016 have left a lot of people wondering just how strange it might be to see a Stan Lee cameo in a DC movie. After all, the 93-year-old icon is famous for his cameo roles in Marvel comic movies. However, it’s no secret that there’s been quite a bit of rivalry between the two comic giants, and some die-hard fans on both sides may take offense to a Marvel legend appearing in a DC flick. It’s left many more wondering what could come of such a seemingly small friendly gesture.

What exactly could it mean if DC were to take Stan Lee up on his offer? Other than the aforementioned potential drama between fandoms, I think it would turn out to be something wonderful. If Stan Lee were to be offered or take a cameo role in a DC movie, I think that the option for crossover movies would open up. After all, Marvel and DC have worked together in the past, and with great success.

If DC came out with a movie that featured a Stan Lee cameo and it opened up the option for crossover movies, both companies would undoubtedly enjoy huge financial gains. Fans from both sides would flock to see a crossover movie which would fuel sales on both sides, as well open up a new market for officially licensed DC/Marvel crossover merchandise. Fans just can’t get enough of DC/Marvel crossovers, and a crossover movie is something that we’ve been clamoring after for years.
The potential for financial and fandom glory wouldn’t have to end with just movies, either. More crossover comics and games would be the natural way to move forward after a successful crossover movie.

To think that an entire crossover franchise could start with a simple cameo from Stan Lee might seem far-fetched, but it’s something that fans from both sides have wanted for decades now. What better way to test the market than to have a true, real life Marvel legend appear in a DC movie? (And as he quipped at the Expo, DC could use him.)

So would it be strange to see Stan Lee in a DC movie? Maybe for some. But for others, I think it would just seem right. He has become such an iconic figure not just for Marvel, but also comics in general that I can’t see him being too out of place in the DC universe. It could also open up such a great opportunity for both companies to please fans and cash in on a market that so many desperately want to see open up.

Who Else Is Excited For The Power Rangers Movie?

Chances are that if you were a “’90s kid”, you caught an episode or two of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Chances are also pretty good that you watched more than one episode because let’s face it, it was a pretty cool show. There was plenty of action, a little bit of romance between the teens, and a whole lot of super villains that never seemed to get their way. Twenty-two years after the final episode of the original series, Lionsgate has set out to release a third Power Ranger movie next year. This new information has adults and kids alike squealing with absolute delight, and reminiscing about the shows, fashion, and questionable taste of the ’90s.

Perhaps the best thing about this upcoming film is that Bryan Cranston is set to play Zordon, a mentor to the Rangers. The younger crowd may recognize Cranston from his more recent part in Godzilla, and many others will surely know him from his five season stint in the cult favorite television show Breaking Bad. He has an extensive acting career spanning decades, and has won multiple awards for his work. In fact, Cranston actually voiced a few villains in series, and the writers were quite fond of him. So fond, that they named one of the Rangers after him (Billy Cranston for curious minds).

Elizabeth Banks, another well known actress, is set to play Rita Repulsa, one of the Power Ranger’s mortal enemies. Though the character has lost her signature horns and full, flowing costume, we are sure that Banks will make the character her own. Although the film will not feature appearances by any of the original Rangers, these two amazing veteran actors will surely make up for it. The campy, cheesy quality of the show is what kept viewers coming back for more, a few A list actors putting their spin on these beloved faces may take it in a fun, new direction.

The original show may not have been on for very many seasons, but it still left a lasting impression on quite a few people from the Y and Z generations. Boys loved the action and karate-like moves, and girls loved seeing strong females take charge and kick some bad guy butt. Witnessing it transformed for the big screen over twenty years later will bring back feelings of the decade, from your love snap bracelets to Lisa Frank trapper keepers, and your disdain for curfews and wearing socks with sandals.

This new take on an old classic may or may not be a cinematic masterpiece, but it’ll definitely bring back nostalgia from the ’90s. Maybe it’ll bring you back to Saturday mornings, watching the old boob tube with a tasty snack by your side, or how crazy Justin Timberlake looked with that blond, curly hair while he was ‘Nsync’s frontman. So slap on some overalls and jellies, maybe a backwards cap and grab a front row seat to the newest installment of an old favorite.