Top 3 Cool Sci-Fi Uniforms to Wear to Work One Day

There are tons of cool and unique Sci-Fi uniforms you could wear to work. However, we narrowed them down to these Top 3.

Uniform #3: The Star Trek Starfleet Uniform

Ok, now this one is obvious to most but sort of hard as well. You see, at the heart of watching Star Trek, we see the most important part for what Starfleet represents: the liaison and commemoration of a wide range of alien species. With that said, there’s a vast array of uniforms to choose from. The one we’re selecting here, just to reach an accord on one, is the uniform that was originally seen in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. There’s just something so classic about it. It also looks stellar on anyone who wears it (Kirk, Uhura, Bones, anyone). And the way you can fold that one part down to look relaxed is really neat.

Uniform #2: The Main Character Tron with His Outfit from the Movie Tron

When you see that Tron uniform, the first thing you might be thinking is, “wow, that’s really tight. That could be very well be snug or highly embarrassing (or an appealing combination of the two). However, it does glow. There’s a helmet you have to wear all the time, which might seem weird in an office setting, but at least it glows. Okay, overall, it’s tight, but the uniform is awesome simply because it glows!

Uniform #1: The Stillsuit from Dune

Like the Tron outfit, the stillsuit is also a bit tight, but at least in the Dune universe, you could effortlessly incorporate clothes on top of it. It’s got that face filter part, which probably would take a little time getting used to, but we’re fine with that. What really makes this suit neat is the fact you can always hydrate yourself because of its beverage holding capability. I know, I know, we would be drinking recycled waste products, but that beats having to stop in the middle of a project at work for bathroom breaks, right?

There you have it. I’m sure you can think of more, so let us know your thoughts!

Will Smith in Suicide Squad

Will Smith

Filming’s now underway in Toronto, Canada for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, and Will Smith is the first to be spotted on set. While his Deadshot look definitely won’t be what you’re expecting, it does in some ways pay homage to the source material.

Here’s what Comic Book Movie had to say about it:

“Will Smith has been snapped on the set of Suicide Squad, and the costume he’s wearing has already created quite a stir on social media. It’s worth noting though that Deadshot appears to have both eyes here, so this could be a flashback to a time before he was a killer. The presence of a young girl seems to indicate that anyway, and it looks like they’re shopping together. Either way, the Gotham City police car confirms where these scenes are set, so that too raises some interesting questions about the movie. For example, could it be that this will be an origin story for the character?”

Overall, I’m not a huge fan when I see things like this. My first reaction is to be extremely negative, but I really don’t want this movie to bomb. We shall see though when it hit theaters late next year.

The Things that Make Michael Bay Films Popular

Michael Bay Directing

Michael Bay is a well-established director, writer and producer. He’s known for making action films such as The Rock, the Transformers Series, and Armageddon. Much of his success is the result of several unique things that he does in his films which we’ll cover now.

Fast Edits

Michael Bay’s films are known for having very fast edits where a single scene can have dozens of cuts where each cut only shows a couple of seconds. This has the effect of making the camera jump from position to position. The effect of these fast edits is that it makes it so a scene is moving much faster than it is, and it also makes it so that the entirety of a set can be shown.

He’s able to use very fast edits that fold perfectly into the scene, and make it so they’re not overly distracting. They also allow for more complex scenes to be filmed, and they’ve the effect of covering up small imperfections in special effects.

Popular Stories

His films are generally big budget ones that feature a large number of fight scenes, explosions, and over-the-top story lines. These popular stories have mass appeal, and they market well to the international community. The ability to market a movie to a larger audience allows for a film to secure a higher budget, which means that a film is able to have better and advanced special effects. This allows for a film to be even more popular.

Unique Social Commentary

The main characters in Michael Bay’s films are usually down on their luck heroes who’ve a specific set of skills that allow for them to save the day. This can include such things as the retired Special Forces soldier in The Rock, or the oil men in Armageddon. Each one of these characters shares the unique status of being working class people who’re able to save the day by doing what they normally do. This is different than in most action films where the working class people are those who lead a scientist to a point so they complete the plot. This unique take on action films means that the people who’re watching the film better sympathize with the main character as it represents themselves.

There are a few more things which have made Michael Bay films popular over the past 25 years, but these 3 things are what really standout the most.

Will Entourage Do Well in Theaters?


Entourage is going to be hitting theaters soon and people are curious on how well it’ll do. It’s true that movies based on existing franchises often have a poor reputation. Hollywood loves them, but the audiences tend to label them as low quality and low effort productions. At the same time though, speech and action are often very different.

Ask anyone what they eat, and it’ll probably be far healthier than what will actually be on their table. Ask people how much they drink, and the same will be true. Ask what their favorite movies are, and they’ll typically go for what they feel is impressive. But the question is whether they’re actually buying tickets for those movies. Most people will probably say that they’re not impressed with the idea of an Entourage movie. But is it true?

One of the best ways of finding out is by looking at some shows from around the same period which also made it to theaters. Somewhat recently, we’ve the example of Sex and the City 2. It was panned by both critics and the general public. Many people see that as evidence that the movie was a failure. But again, what people say and what they do are often different. Despite the lack of critical appreciation, the film ranked in the top 20 most profitable films of the year.

TV shows which were turned to movies have also made recent news with Veronica Mars. The show went to the big screen after being crowd funded by fans. That in itself is highly suggestive that a passionate fan base can put a lot of money into a film. The fans were so interested in seeing the movie that they were willing to pay for just a chance of having it come to fruition. But how does this tie into Entourage?

Entourage sits in a middle ground between Sex and the City 2 and Veronica Mars. The demographics of Entourage are somewhat similar, but gender reversed. But the plot lines tend to be a bit headier, closer to Veronica Mars. To figure out whether Entourage will do well in theaters, the best metric to use is other movies which share similar characteristics. And those two shows have similar traits, and have made it into the cinematic space. Both also did quite well in terms of overall profit. Despite, in the case of Sex in the City 2, a lot of negative press. This all comes together to suggest that Entourage will do well in theaters.

In the end, It’ll probably gather a bit of negative attention beforehand, but will turn a healthy profit in spite of that fact.

A Different Style of Comedy Movies

Hot Tub Time Machine

Comedies have undergone a revival of sorts in the past decade of film-making. Directors are reacting to changing preferences among audiences across the country. Sequels are highly popular, as proven by the success of films like Hot Tub Time Machine 2 and Night At The Museum: Secret of the Tomb. These sequels capitalize off of the financial success that their predecessors have demonstrated for viewers. Movie goers tend to stick to a proven formula that makes their trip worthwhile. But there are some directors trying to break the mold and create a new genre of comedy films for people to enjoy.

Popular cast members include stars such as Will Ferrell and Seth Rogan. They are personalities that have added to the mix by expressing their own unique characters in a film setting. Modern comedies tend to be chic and stylish, using state of the art directorial techniques like no other. Some may utilize surrealistic motifs that challenge traditional mindsets while viewing film projects. Modern comedies emphasize the absurd and may not immediately make sense to anyone viewing them. Some directors choose to use references to other comedies released in a similar time frame. Fans of the genre will expect these films to build upon one another when they are released.

News stories still play a major role in modern comedy movies. Films such as The Interview take advantage of modern tropes to introduce audiences to a brand new motif like no other. It even gives audiences a glimpse of news events as they unfold, unseen in any other form of media. This trend is pushing the boundaries of what can be previously thought of as comedy. It blends documentary style film-making with modern sensibilities that are fresh and new. As 2014 unfolded, it was a banner year for films that tested the limitations of comic tastes.

Family friendly comedies are still the norm in the movie-going world. Comedies are popular among younger crowds and help viewers adapt to all new standards in the industry. Animated films are experiencing a rebound recently, but there is a twist to this phenomenon. Artists are using 3-D rendering to create new worlds and characters unseen elsewhere. Comedies rely on this take to keep production cost to a minimum. But artists have also honed their 3-D craft and produce reliable characters like no other. Reliable studios such as Pixar are well known for the great movies that they produce annually.

So as you can see, today’s comedy movies have been able to appeal and even take it up a notch to all ranges of audiences out there.

Will There Ever Be Another Matrix Movie?



The Matrix was a movie series which defined a decade. This has been both good and bad for fans of the series. It’s been over 12 years since the last movie in the series,The Matrix Revolutions. This is long enough for many people to simply assume that the series was a product of its time. It changed how people looked at a lot of things. But many feel that the changes it brought have become so ubiquitous that a new entry would be a tough sell. Somewhat cerebral action movies are the norm these days. And bullet time has become a dated cliché. Is there room for a new Matrix film?

While some skepticism is prudent, there’s some reasons to believe that there may be a new movie on the horizon. There’s nothing solid yet, but there’s a few reasons to remain optimistic. The first is, ironically, a fake rumor from a few years ago. Out of nowhere people began to speculate that there was a new movie coming. It’s difficult to know how or why the rumor was started. But people within the industry must have noticed the amount of attention. Studios pay big money to test the interest of potential audiences. And the rumor was a free glimpse into the mind of the public. And the public was very obviously eager for more Matrix movies.

A more concrete reason to think that there’s a new Matrix movie on the horizon comes from the Latino Review. Obviously some skepticism is warranted. But they’ve a solid track record when it comes to movie predictions. They’ve reported that the Wachowski siblings have turned in early treatments and outlines to Warner Bros.

Another reason to think that another Matrix movie’s on the way has to do with Warner Bros. The studio lost the rights to Terminator, a franchise that’s ready to be rebooted. They obviously need a big franchise in order to compete with the other studios. The Marvel movies have shown that modern audiences love a serialized storytelling experience within a shared world. The Matrix was one of the earliest examples of this storytelling technique done right. Even apart from the evidence shown by Latino Review, it simply makes sense that they’d be interested in bringing the franchise back. It has name recognition, and a huge universe to tell stories within. In fact, a number of comics have shown just how open the world is to new stories.

Will there ever be a new Matrix movie? While firm evidence is still hard to come by, there’s a better than average chance that we’ll see one.

Top 3 Clint Eastwood Movies of All-Time

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood has been in many movies, and’s known as one of the greatest actors in the history of Hollywood. Throughout his career, he has been in many movies of the highest caliber, but none greater than the Sergio Leone trilogy.

The Top 3 Clint Eastwood movies of all-time are:

  • A Fistful of Dollars
  • For a Few Dollars More
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A Fistful of Dollars was a remake of an old Japanese film that has the same feel that a lot of Leone’s movies have, and was an incredible starting point for the protagonist of this trilogy. It established that the hero (Clint Eastwood) is a mysterious character who deals with a lot of shady types but in the end prevails as a figure of justice. What’s interesting about this film is that it was the first western where the protagonist is almost questionable at times. He has no regrets about working with gang members as long as he gets his pay, at least that’s how he seems at first.

For A Few Dollars More is the first movie in the trilogy that introduces Colonel Douglas Mortimer played by Lee Van Cleef. This character is the perfection of a foil character, as this movie displays how he’s very similar to the protagonist. He works as a bounty hunter and ends up teaming up with the protagonist, has the same skills as the protagonist, and even has the same sense of cool as the protagonist. Lee Van Cleef arguably brings just as much to this movie as Eastwood, which’s a lot. His devilish smile and dark clothes make you trust him just slightly less than Eastwood, setting him up for the perfect villain in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The final film of the series, and the greatest is The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Many who have taken from Sergio Leone’s style of film making, including Quinton Tarantino, state that this is their favorite movie of all-time. It has influenced action movies, drama movies, comedy movies, Japanese anime, and more. This movie changed the way we view media. A movie doesn’t have to be either action, drama, comedy, or art; it can be all of them and pull it off brilliantly. This film proves that dialogue can be simple and normal, yet poetic and dramatic. It’s not only the best Clint Eastwood movie, but the greatest movie of all time.

And there you have it. There are other movies he acted in that could rightfully be in the Top 3 like Dirty Harry. Give us your thoughts!

Generation Muppets


When Jim Henson created The Muppets in the ’50s, its intent was for both children and adults to enjoy these characters. Decades later, we’re still enjoying them. Having The Muppets reach out to so many generations are what so many franchises have failed to do.

The early days started with Kermit the Frog and Rowlf the Dog making TV appearances doing political humor for adults in Washington, D.C. When Seasme Street started in 1969, that’s when The Muppets took off

The Muppet Show premiered on TV in 1976 and was meant for both children and their parents. With such a cross generational appeal, there were big things on the horizon for them such as succession of movies and all sorts of memorabilia.

The Muppets are still going strong today as they approach their 60th birthday. They’ve been featured in Toyota Highlander commercials, ESPN’s SportsCenter, WWE, and they have made appearances on The Daily Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live! They even presented at the Academy Awards and the Emmys.

So many characters, critters and heroes have come and gone. It’s a testament to Jim Henson’s remarkable vision and creativity that the Muppets are still as popular as ever. The magic of a gentle green frog with a pure heart is still bringing smiles to faces across multiple generations.

A Rocky Movie Rematch I Would Want To See

Rocky vs. Thunderlips

I would like a rematch of Thunderlips, aka Hulk Hogan versus Rocky Balboa in Rocky 3. They sparred in a charity match and it was full of fun and antics. Rocky Balboa is seen as an invincible man. He has the heart of a fighter and never gives up. Thunderlips is an aggressive wrestler and outweighs Balboa a great deal. He also has the ability to pick Rocky up and hurl him across the ring.

I think that the rematch could come about in an organic way. Both men would be around the same age. They could decide to have a rematch as a way to prove if boxers are stronger than wrestlers. The two men could be getting up there in age and both want to have another headline match with each other.

One part of sports that needs to be touched on more is when an athlete finally decides that it’s time to pull the plug and hand the reins over to someone else. The two men could finally come to grips with the fact that their bodies will no longer carry them through the tough matches that they wish to compete in.

Thunderlips is a wrestler who loves attention, especially from women. He thrives on being booed and he likes when the crowd shows hatred towards him. Rocky takes public opinion seriously so when the two meet, there is bound to be drama. This would be an incredible rematch.

I would like to see Tony being Rocky’s new manager. He helped Apollo Creed during his career. No one can take the place of his former trainer, Mickey but it would be nice to see the two be able to come together for one final match. Rocky always puts a lot of time both mentally and physically into training for a fight. This fight would make him have to change up his routine so he would have to learn to wrestle as well.

Rocky needs to branch out a bit so that people can see that he is multi-faceted. This rematch would challenge him in every way possible and would give viewers a great show.

A-List Appearances on The Simpsons

Liam and Homer

Since airing in 1989, The Simpsons continuous rise in popularity expanded into merchandising and The Simpsons Movie back in 2007. One of the key factors that made this show so awesome to watch were the guest celebrity appearances. In Season 2 of the show, Tony Bennett made his debut as himself. Phil Hartman, who’s an actor and comedian appeared on the show a record 52 times. With that said, we made a list of other notable guest appearances:

Meryl Streep: 1994 Episode ‘Bart’s Girlfriend’

She turned Bart’s world upside down as his girlfriend. Streep is known for her work in Sophie’s Choice and Iron Lady, and has won the Academy Award for Best Actress in both films. She has more Academy Award nominations of any other actor or actress in history. In 2010, she was awarded the National Media of Arts by President Barack Obama.

Conan O’Brien: Episode ‘Bart Gets Famous’ in 1994

O’Brien had previously been a writer on the show. He wrote ‘Homer Goes to College,’ and ‘New Kid on the Block.’ He also wrote for Saturday Night Live. He’s known for his antics hosting both Late Night and The Tonight Show. He has also done voice work on shows such as Robot Chicken and Futurama. He is currently the host of the talk show Conan.

Liam Neeson: 2005 Episode ‘The Father, the Son, and the Holy Guest Star’

This was originally set to air directly after Pope John Paul II’s death but was postponed. He plays Father Sean and gets Bart interested in converting to Catholicism. Liam Neeson rose to fame during his role on Schindler’s List. He’s also known for his work in Star Wars Episode I, Taken, Batman Begins and The Chronicles of Narnia. He has been nominated by both the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor.

Stephen Colbert: Episode in 2007 ‘He Loves to Fly and He D’ohs’

With Colbert’s extensive voice acting experience on everything from The Venture Bros. to Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, it’s surprising that Colbert wasn’t on The Simpsons sooner. Though he’s obviously got a decent range, at some point the showrunners decided they basically wanted Colbert’s character to be more or less the same one he plays on his parody pundit show.

Eva Longoria: Episode ‘The Kid is Alright’ in 2013

She plays Isabel Guiterrez, a new student who begins a friendship with Lisa, but it turns out she’s Republican. Eva Longoria is known for playing sizzling housewife Gabrielle Solis on the series Desperate Housewives. She received a Golden Globe Award nomination. She has also been in films such as The Sentinel and Over Her Dead Body.